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Probably, in 2021 they will carry out anticovid vaccine trials in minors

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#It is very likely that in the second half of 2021 various companies producing the vaccine against covid-19 begin to carry out secondary clinical trials in minors and pregnant women, reported the #Undersecretary of #Health, #Hugo #Lopez-Gatell.

“#Pfizer is already considering clinical trials in minors, also #Janssen, which is considering trials in #Mexico; also other companies like #AstraZeneca, which will surely do so,” he said.

#During the #Health conference for the new coronavirus, López-Gatell stressed that as soon as there is evidence of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in this sector of the population, applications for authorization of use will be re-evaluated.

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#He recalled that children under 16 cannot be vaccinated against the coronavirus, “neither with the #Pfizer vaccine nor with any other of those that will arrive in #Mexico.”

“#Minors should not be included in the initial clinical trials, as they are only to corroborate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine,” he added

#He pointed out that throughout the covid-19 pandemic in the world it has been verified that minors and pregnant women have a substantially lower risk of complications.

“#Although at the beginning of the epidemic we emphasized that pregnant women could have a greater health risk, as in influenza, fortunately this is not the case with covid-19,” he concluded.


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