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Home World Honduras calls Guatemala to account for repression against caravan - Juventud Rebelde

Honduras calls Guatemala to account for repression against caravan – Juventud Rebelde

TEGUCIGALPA, January 18.— The Government of Honduras asked the Guatemalan authorities to investigate the use of force by the security forces of that nation against the caravan of Honduran migrants who entered the territory on Sunday irregularly. from that country, on his way to the United States.

In an official statement that Telesur reflected, the Ministry of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation of Honduras expressed its concern over what it called “regrettable” events, after Guatemalan army and police officers used tear gas and sticks to disperse thousands Hondurans trying to cross the territory, where they have been stranded.

Earlier, the authorities had managed to stop the passage of thousands of other caravans, including men, women and children, who were asked to return to their country, which about 600 people did on Saturday.

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According to the multinational’s office, it is still unknown to what extent the number of injured among migrants, agents and immigration personnel who were estimated to have been injured is still unknown.

In their message, the Honduran authorities also reminded the neighboring country that “only united as a region should work continue to confront irregular migration,” and pointed out that the situation is “fostered” by the social conditions of the region, that are “used by organized crime for human trafficking.”

The Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsman also spoke out against the use of force, after some nine thousand caravans broke through the police fences that prevented them from entering the national territory at the border town of El Florido.

The caravan began to leave San Pedro Sula (Honduras) in groups since last Wednesday, after a call through social networks to form the first migrant mobilization of 2021. Other caravans like this but nurtured, on their way, by thousands of undocumented immigrants from other Central American nations have embarked on the same dangerous journey since the first did in 2018, which originated, precisely, from Honduran territory.

The movements of irregular migrants, Telesur estimated, have increased in Honduras as a result of the progressive lifting of the restrictions adopted to contain the pandemic and the prospect of change in the United States with the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House. In addition, the pandemic has exacerbated the economic crisis throughout the isthmus.

Precisely, the US media said on Monday that Biden will present an immigration reform bill that would benefit about 11 million undocumented immigrants. The legalization of undocumented migrants working in the United States has been a pending issue since the days of George W. Bush, when several reform bills to that end failed to pass the approval of both houses of Congress.

If the reform takes place now, Biden will be fulfilling one of his main campaign promises on the first day of his administration, something that was announced in a meeting with Hispanic leaders and immigrant advocates, who were even surprised by the immediate action that the Democrat, said the Californian newspaper La Opinion, quoted by PL.

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