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V celebrates his birthday by lighting up the tallest building in the world

The #Burj #Khalifa building shone showing the best of V as part of the celebration that the ARMYs prepared for the idol, know the details of the projects that celebrate the singer.

#Like every year, fans prepared to commemorate one more year of life of the handsome and talented V, this boy has inspired thousands of fans with his music and his personality, so he received a large number of messages and events on the arrival of his 25 years of international age.

#One of the most outstanding projects that were planned for him is the lighting of a skyscraper located in #Dubai, on which videos and images of the idol along with celebratory phrases for his birthday.

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#With this beautiful detail, V shone by becoming the first idol the K-Pop who manages to have an announcement for his birthday in this tower. The clip lasted 3 minutes and was projected at 828 meters from the #Burj #Khalifa.

The hashtag ##TaehyungOnBurjKhalifa took the networks before the pride and emotion of the fans, but this was not the only project organized for #Taehyung. #In #South #Korea, #Daegu E-World #Starlight #Park was lit up with a themed zone dedicated to the singer who was called V #Castle.

#Taehyung appreciates ARMY’s congratulatory messages

#Before the multiple gestures of affection that were carried out for him idol, V he replied with a short message as he just started celebrating his special day.

#And #Weverse, V shared images of some messages from ARMY and added a message of love and thanks to accompany the screenshots

I love you, thank you very much

#Celebrate this boy’s birthday and see what #Taehyung was like before he became a K-Pop star.

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