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Among Us: how to install and download mods on PC

#Mods are one of those things that help the PC make a difference. #As their name suggests, they are small “modifications” for the games, free and totally legal, which allow us to renew the experience every time we get bored. #In #Among #Us it is difficult to get bored, true, but in it we can, for example, dress up as our favorite characters (#Did someone say The #Mandalorian?). #Similarly, mods allow you to play custom games with the most absurd rules. #We have seen games with 100 players, zombie survivals or even sessions where there are doctors capable of curing the dead. #Today at #MeriStation we bring you a very simple tutorial to know how to download and install mods in our copy of the game and thus be able to enjoy a new world of possibilities and experiences online. #Tutorial that reminds us of the others we have done recently, and which we also advise you. #Both the one that explains what proximity chat is and the one that reveals how to play #Among #Us for free on PC.

#How to use mods for #Amog #Us on PC

The procedure could not be simpler and consists of only four steps that anyone can do in just a few minutes.

  1. #Enter this page, full of mods to choose from, or visit the one with the mod that interests you the most.
  2. #Download the mod in question on your computer. #Usually they are made up of a folder inside which should come a file ending in “.assets”. #Right click on that file and click on copy.
  3. #Now go to the #Among #Us icon on your desktop (or wherever you have the game) and right click on it. Then click on “#Open the file location” and, when it opens, go to the folder called “#Among_#Us_#Data”.
  4. #Paste inside the file that you copied in step 2. #If you get a warning asking if you want to replace another with the same name, click yes, accept and replace.

#And ready! #As simple as that. #You can now enjoy #Among #Us con mods on your computer. #Jump into the game and show off your style or discover some of its crazy variations.

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##Among #install #download #mods

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