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This is the smallest portable Nintendo 64 in the world

There is a passion among computer hackers to create ultra-compact versions of video game consoles, and the #YouTuber #GmanModz appears to have successfully miniaturized an entire #Nintendo 64 into a portable console which is not much larger than a game cartridge N64, making it possibly the smallest in the world to date.

The last time we featured one of #GmanModz’s creations, they had turned a #Nintendo 64 into a #GameBoy #Advance #Giant-sized SP with a folding screen, but as impressive as it was, the homemade console was still a bit chunky when it came to handheld gaming systems. #Trying to put it in a pocket would have been an awkward task.

#If you are wondering, “but what does it matter? #Nowadays you can simply buy tiny console emulators that they can play most N64s games ”, you’re not taking into account the true achievement of #GmanModz. The world’s smallest portable N64 actually has the hardware of an original #Nintendo 64 console inside, which has been expertly trimmed, rearranged, and re-soldered. (#Yes, many N64s had to die to make it.) Therefore, the miniconsole does not depend on emulators or ROMs to play N64 games, its purpose is to be able to play those games directly from the original cartridges.

#However, not all parts of the smallest #Nintendo 64 in the world use parts from the original console. They also included a battery, plus a 3.5-inch 320×240 pixel screen, a speaker, and a custom PCB to control it. #Lastly, it features a new cartridge slot that allows games to stay securely in place without a locking mechanism. The case is a custom 3D printed creation using heat resistant plastics that will not melt or warp when the hardware inside heats up during gaming, and instead of cannibalizing an original N64 controller, this laptop features custom buttons and a #Pair of #Nintendo #Switch #Joy-Cons that take up much less space.

#Is this tiny N64 ideal for gaming on the go? #Not really. #Battery life tops out at about an hour and a half, ergonomics are far from optimal, and both the N64’s D-pad and left trigger button have been replaced with custom button and joystick combinations to replicate their behaviors. (#But really, very few N64 games used the D-pad or left trigger, so it’s a minor sacrifice.) There’s a good reason #Nintendo didn’t prioritize making us able to carry the #Switch in our pockets, but that doesn’t make #GmanModz’s achievement any less impressive.

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