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Porsche 3D prints its electric drive unit (PHOTOS)

The part has been manufactured by laser fusion to be used on the front axle of a sports car.

#Sports car manufacturer #Porsche has printed the integral housing of an electric drive unit for the first time with a 3D printer.

The unit, which will contain an electric motor and a gearbox, has been printed in aluminum alloy powder using a technology of laser fusion.

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The powertrain housing has passed all quality and stress tests without any problem, communicates the company.

#Printing technology involves a laser beam heating and melting the surface of aluminum alloy powder corresponding to the contour of a part. #This process is repeated layer by layer, opening up new opportunities around optimization and quality.

#For example, it allows you to manufacture shapes of almost any geometry and integrate cooling ducts in the walls of the pieces.

#Thanks to this technology, the weight of the unit by 10% and has increased significantly the rigidity compared to traditional techniques. #Although the walls are only 1.5mm thick, the grid structures on its surface increase the rigidity between the engine and the gearbox twice.

#Additionally, the honeycomb design reduces wall oscillations, thereby improving acoustic characteristics of the unit in general.

#Porsche specifies that this “highly integrated approach is designed for use on the front axle of a sports car.”

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A few months ago the company introduced 3D-printed pistons that were successfully displayed on the 911 GT2 RS sports car.

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