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Home Technology A chef prepares the first ramen dedicated to gamers - Nintenderos

A chef prepares the first ramen dedicated to gamers – Nintenderos

#Although there was a time when fans of video games were largely marginalized, gaming culture is becoming more relevant to modern society every day, becoming one of the main engines of the entertainment industry.

#For this reason there are more and more video game products, adults dare to try all kinds of games and companies or celebrities from other industries interacting with the gaming community. #However, although we have had collaborations with the kitchen industry, there are some dishes that we have yet to master, although from now on we can discount ramen.

#Ramen is a #Japanese dish consisting of noodles prepared on a miso-based broth, meat, and sauces. #But the ramen expert @Huynasaur #He recently made history by devising a dish exclusively dedicated to the gaming community: the first gaming ramen.

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#This gamer dish was made with doritos noodles, #Baja #Blast tori shio broth, #Mountain #Dew marinated egg, #Mountain #Dew pork stew, and #Mountain #Dew pickled daikon. #As it is dedicated to gamers, it has striking colors similar to neon, and the creator has ensured that the result is also “quite delicious”:

#It is an original formula that has taken a lot of preparation, and gamers have received the dish with open arms on #Twitter, where the publication has gone viral. #You can see some of the preparation steps below:


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