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The Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first smartphone in the world that can read the heart rate with its fingerprint sensor, this is how it works

The #Xiaomi #Mi 11 is official. #We already talked in depth about its technical characteristics, but there is one that was mentioned during his presentation that didn’t make so much noise, and #That is why it is worth talking in more detail about the fingerprint sensor of the #Mi 11.

The #Xiaomi #Mi 11 is the first smartphone in the world that can measure the heart rate with its fingerprint sensor; another title to boast in addition to being the first with #Snapdragon 888. #This feature is achieved thanks to the implementation of the optical fingerprint sensor from the #Chinese manufacturer #Goodix.

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XDA-Developers explains that the sensor uses a technique known as photoplethysmography (PPG) that takes the photograph of the finger, captured for unlocking, and analyzes it to detect changes in previous images and thus determine the user’s heart rate. #According to the manufacturer, the sensor reading is as reliable as that obtained from a smartwatch or smartband. #In contrast, the magazine #Nature published an article this year showing that the PPG is inaccurate to read.

#It is worth mentioning that photoplethysmography is by no means a new technique, since a large number of wearables#Like the #Apple #Watch, they use it for their measurements. The milestone now achieved is the development that allows the fingerprint sensor image to be used to carry out the reading through PPG.

The pre-sale of the #Xiaomi #Mi 11 began in #China and its official sale will begin on #January 1. There are still no details about its release to the international market, but #It is safe what soon we will see on this side of the world the world’s first smartphone with #Snapdragon 888.

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