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this Apple patent for a dynamic keyboard is the most credible to date

#Apple has spent years studying how to make its keyboards dynamic after taking a first step with the #Touch #Bar of the #MacBook #Pro. #And after patents in which we have seen taptic sensors and full screens, it seems that the company is back to something more basic with an ordinary keyboard in which you simply put screens on its keys.

The document, discovered by #Patently #Apple, describes how a fiber optic base would have a curved surface on which the screen would rest. #This would react to the keystrokes of each user showing changes, such as changing its keys to capital letters or different actions that a game may have.

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A unique keyboard to dominate them all

The key would have to be made of a resistant material to protect the screen, which may well be made of materials that resist millions of keystrokes. #Something like that too would end the need for multi-language keyboards#Because #Apple could sell a universal keyboard that would display the keys in whatever language was needed. The idea is not new, but #Apple would apply its philosophy to the concept.

Glass keys and sensors under the screen: two new Apple patents that tell us about its future

#According to the patent (approved today but filed in mid-2017) we could have this keyboard in future generations of laptops and desktops, although it is not something that necessarily has to happen. #With the amount of experiments already out there, it’s a matter of time that in #Cupertino they decide how to innovate in the field of keyboards.

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