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FBI report revealed that “only” 500 tons of nitrate exploded in a Beirut warehouse

#Beirut – The acting #Lebanese #Prime #Minister, #Hasan #Diab, recently charged with the great explosion in #Beirut on #August 4, assured this #Tuesday that according to a report by #Federal #Bureau of #Investigation (FBI) that day “only” exploded 500 tons of ammonium nitrate and not nearly 3,000 as believed until now.

“The FBI report revealed that the quantity that exploded was only 500 tons, so where did the other 2,200 tons go?” #Asked the acting leader during a closed meeting with the press, according to a transcript sent by your press office.

#Almost three weeks after being indicted, accused along with three former ministers of negligence, by the judge investigating the tragedy that caused more than 200 deaths and 6,500 injuries, #Diab gave a convoluted version of the information he received before the explosion about the dangerous material stored in the port of #Beirut.

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#To this version he added the figure of 500 tons from a hitherto unpublished report from the #United #States FBI, which joined the investigation at the invitation of #Lebanon.

#Since the explosion took place, it had been claimed that the explosion was caused by almost 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate.

#Diab said that on #June 3, two months before the explosion, he received information from the security forces indicating that there were “2,000 kilos of TNT in the port,” a warning that changed substantially in the next two hours.

The 2,000 kilos became “2,500 tons” and the “TNT” became “nitrate”, a fertilizer that “we did not know anything about,” said the president, justifying why he did not go to the port site as soon as he received the news of the presence of the material that would end up causing the tragedy.

#Finally, according to his account, the version changed again to determine that the product had been in the port for seven years, so the prime minister decided that the competent authorities first finalize the investigation and then send him a report, something that happened on the 22nd. of #July.

“#If I had had the feeling that there was a danger around the port issue, I would have immediately spoken with the #President of the #Republic (#Michel #Aoun) and would not have covered this crime that occurred in 2013,” concluded the prime minister, who resigned shortly. after the tragedy and that he refused to cooperate with justice after being accused.

#Aoun then acknowledged that he knew of the existence of a “large quantity” of ammonium nitrate stored in the port for two weeks before the fire broke out in a warehouse in this compound.

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The explosion also left some 300,000 people homeless and several neighborhoods razed.

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