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Armando Manzanero’s daughter recounts the last moments of the singer

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#After the death of #Armando #Manzanero #It was reported that he would be cremated and his ashes would be taken to Mérida, the city where he lived most of his life. #On the night of #December 28, both his wife, #Laura #Elena #Villa, as well as his daughter, #María #Elena #Manzanero were in charge of taking the singer-songwriter’s ashes to their last destination.

#In a recent interview with various media, which was taken up by #Come the joy, #Armando #Manzanero’s daughter, #María #Elena, was questioned about the death of the #Yucatecan singer-songwriter and he also counted the place where his father’s ashes will be.

“The doctors let us know in time that the kidney was already failing. The kidney had been controlled very well, I don’t know if it was one or both, the fact is that their pressure was not good and they asked us to spend the night in the hospital and we no longer crossed to the hotel as we had done every night ” he declared.

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#María #Elena mentioned that that same day her brothers arrived to see their father and #It wasn’t until 3:20 in the morning that they asked #Laura, the composer’s wife, to go say goodbye to him.

“My brothers arrived and at 3:20 am they told us to come down #Laurita who was resting, they had been very long days, to say goodbye to him. #His kidney was complicated, even though he no longer had covid-19 and his lungs were perfect. #It was a complication due to diabetes, the kidney did not work due to diabetes, ”explained #María #Elena #Manzanero.

The daughter of the composer of “Somos novios” commented that #Armando #Manzanero’s ashes will be in the house of his wife, #Laura.

“He was a very far-sighted person, we have no doubt what his instructions are. #His remains are going to rest in the house of #Laurita, his wife, there in Mérida, ”said the composer’s daughter.

#María #Elena explained that around one in the afternoon they handed over the ashes, #In addition, he also said that his father’s wife had the opportunity to say goodbye to him.

“There were no parting words, he was intubated. #Laurita spoke to him, he did hear her because she shed a few tears ”.

The daughter of the #Yucatecan #He reiterated that for the moment and due to the situation in the country due to the pandemic, a tribute will not be helde, in addition, they want to carry out this process as a family.

“He gave us all tasks and that we follow this to the letter, you cannot do a public act and he always wanted us to do this in private and with the family. #We will have a ceremony in Mérida, at his wife’s house, ”he said.

“He was not against something being done to him, not with a present body, he did not want a whole circus (…), #Alejandro #Sanz, #Julio #Iglesias called and I know they have spoken more, but #Diego has answered that it is he who it is closer to the media ”, he mentioned.

#María #Elena #Manzanero commented to the media that they will hold a small gathering to honor their father’s life.

“Now that we meet there will be white flowers, music, champagne because that was what he wanted and although he was not a drinker we always toasted with a glass of champagne. #We know the song you are going to want to hear, it is one that he wrote that won the #Grammy for the #Christian song called #When I go from here ”, commented #María #Elena #Manzanero.

#Finally, #María #Elena #He remembered #Armando #Manzanero and mentioned that it will be difficult not to be able to see him again.

“It was very difficult to return home from here to #Mexico because we left the hospital from here, but he told us before we left that we were abused because we had a very nice time (…), as dad was the best and that’s why he’s going to do us I’m missing and now I was seeing his portrait and I’m not going to kiss his hands or his forehead again, because it weighs a lot, ”he mentioned.


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