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A California nurse contracts COVID-19 days after being vaccinated

A nurse from the emergency service in #San #Diego (#California, #United #States) has tested positive for coronavirus a few days after being vaccinated against the disease, according to #American media.

The 45-year-old health worker received the first dose of the vaccine developed by #Pfizer / #BioNTech on #December 18. #As recognized by the affected person on the station KGTV, #He did not suffer any major ailments beyond the pain of the puncture until on day 24 he began with symptoms compatible with SARS-CoV-2 that, by means of a diagnostic test, were confirmed.

#Experts rate it as “somewhat probable”

#However, the contagion of the sanitary is not related to the administration of the vaccine, as confirmed by several specialists. “#Protection against the coronavirus would not be completed until about 7 or 14 days after inoculation of the second dose, 21 days after the first”, They explain.

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#It can take up to 14 days for coronavirus infection to manifest itself after coming into contact with the virus.#So you could even have gotten it before you got your #Pfizer dose. #In addition, the drug developed by the #American pharmaceutical company has an effectiveness, proven in its trials, of 95%. #This means that there are 5% of cases where immunity is not manifested and in which the vaccine would not have the desired protective effect.

These types of cases reinforce the warnings of the specialists when they talk about “The vaccine will not kill the virus.” The #Minister of #Health, #Salvador #Illa, has referred several times to the fact that “The vaccine is the beginning of the end, but not the end of the disease”. Therefore, it is recommended maintain all individual protection measures even after receiving the vaccine, because although it provides protection against the disease, it is not clear that it prevents the transmission of the virus.

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##California #nurse #contracts #COVID19 #days #vaccinated

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