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bastion of science in Cuba

#Despite the recrudescence of the hostile policies of the #United #States government against #Cuba and the economic contingencies caused by the confrontation with COVID-19, the #Marta #Abreu de las #Villas #Central #University (UCLV) became this 2020 a bulwark for scientific creation in the country and its practical application with a view to development.

#In statements to the press, #Dr. #Osana #Molerio Pérez, rector of this prestigious house of higher studies, pointed out that this year, 1,653 students carried out their completion of studies exercises with a distance counseling system and several of them defended your diploma works via video conference.

The number of speakers who defended doctorates also increased, mainly people from the business sector, in proof of the solid link that our university maintains with the socialist state enterprise, he said.

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#Faculties such as the #Agricultural #Sciences were immersed in supporting the vital task of food production and municipal self-sufficiency, while the #Center for #Plant #Biotechnology advised producers on methods of increasing crops and improving varieties. of seeds, he specified

#In these difficult 12 months, the UCLV had to readjust its teaching calendar, but without affecting the contribution to the country’s development, and since the SARS #CoV-2 pandemic began in the national territory, it was well involved in confronting the virus, with the opening on the university campus of a hospital to care for the sick, he stressed.

A neural network for the early diagnosis of COVID 19 was created by the #Faculty of #Electrical #Engineering, which is already implemented in the #Manuel #Fajardo military hospital in this province, just to mention one of our impact work against the pandemic, he stressed.

#During the first tough months of facing the disease, the UCLV #Center for #Chemical #Bioactives (CBQ) was in charge of processing and distilling the water for hospital institutions such as #Celestino #Hernández, with a presence in their rooms for sick patients with the new coronavirus , he specified.

The CBQ is precisely one of the research centers of the #Central #University that suffered the most in 2020 the impact of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the #United #States government maintains against #Cuba for more than 60 years, as recognized by the #Cuban #Agency de #Noticias, its director, #Zenaida #Rodríguez #Negrín, was limited in the production of #Vitrofural, an essential chemical sterilant in the disinfection of culture media used by biofactories in #Cuba and the world.

#During 2020 we were immersed in the process of purchasing a new machine to produce #Vitrofural -because the mill we use is obsolete- and after several negotiations with EMIDICT, an importer and distributor for science and technology, it could not be specified in the time we needed it, due to the extraterritorial policies of the blockade, said #Rodríguez #Negrín

#That mill can only reach #Cuba until the option of a third country is sought, he added, despite having the funds for it; #And something similar happens with those interested in buying the final product, who must overcome a series of obstacles and pay in bank subsidiaries of other nations, which is detrimental to the actual amount that we could sell.

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The blockade also impacts on the UCLV in the impossibility of accessing numerous databases and virtual platforms such as those used to confront COVID-19, and in the issue of the lack of fuel, which constantly interferes in the transfer of teachers and students to the classrooms and to their places of origin, as this institution brings together students and students from provinces such as #Cienfuegos, #Sancti #Spíritus, #Camagüey, #Ciego de Ávila and #Villa #Clara.

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