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COVID hospitalizations increase in Megalopolis states

#In central #Mexico, confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to increase, as do admissions to hospitals, even when health sector authorities implemented measures to restrict mobility.

The federal #Ministry of #Health reported on #December 29 that in #Mexico #City, the occupancy in general hospital beds is 87%. There is only 13% availability in the capital of the country.

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#In the president’s morning conference on #Tuesday, the #Undersecretary of #Health, #Hugo López #Gatell, confirmed that the capital of the country is the entity with the highest epidemic intensity and consequently the one with the highest hospital occupancy.

“There is still a reserve of 13%. #This hospital capacity is being expanded. #In the last two weeks we have managed to almost double the number of beds available ”, he assured. #Even so, the course of the second wave of infections in the capital of the country has been so strong that despite this work, most of the beds in hospitals are occupied.

#In beds with ventilators, the hospital occupancy in #Mexico #City is 84%, which represents a 10% growth between epidemiological weeks 50 and 51 (from #December 13 to 19).

The #Undersecretary of #Health specified in this regard that in the capital there are complete hospitals, such as the #National #Institute of #Respiratory #Diseases (INER), which are intended for critically ill people ”. #In these institutions, those who need intubation are cared almost exclusively.

#At this point, the official took the opportunity to emphasize that not everyone who enters a hospital will need ventilatory support.

“We have detected different reasons why people are slow to get to hospitals. A very important one is the fear of being intubated. #But if people wait, they are much more likely to arrive in critical condition and then end up intubated. #If they go before, there are still interventions that can be done, such as noninvasive oxygenation without intubation ”.

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The undersecretary of health reported that from epidemiological week 50 to 51 there was already a reduction in infections, going from around 27,000 estimated cases to approximately 24,000. “#It is encouraging, although deaths and hospitalizations have not yet decreased,” he warned.

The #State of #Mexico also has a week with a reduction in the epidemic intensity. The number of estimated cases went from around 27,000 to 24,000, but occupancy in general hospital beds is in the entity at 80% and that of beds with a ventilator at 75%, which represents an increase of 14%. #Deaths also continue to rise.

#Emblem hospitals of the fight against COVID in the entity such as the #Regional #General #Hospital 72 of the IMSS, in #Tlalnepantla, and 71, in #Chalco, continue at full capacity.

#On #December 18, the #State of #Mexico, together with #Mexico #City, passed a red light. #So it will remain until #January 10. #All non-essential activities must remain closed. #Despite this, in municipalities such as #Tlalnepantla, #Atizapán and #Naucalpan there has been intense vehicular traffic and long lines at supermarkets.

#In the case of #Hidalgo, the state also has a week with a decrease in estimated cases, going from almost 1,400 to just over 1,200. #Although deaths continue to rise, as do hospitalizations: occupation in general beds #It is 71% and that of beds with a fan is 50%, an increase of 7%.

#In #Hidalgo, the government issued strengthened prevention and health contingency measures that came into effect on #December 22, among these are the return of today does not circulate and the partial closure of shops that are not essential, as well as the implementation of the #Dry #Law.

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#Local media reported that these measures did not prevent citizens from shopping for #Christmas #Eve dinner and #Christmas reheating. #Although streets and avenues of the state capital did have less vehicular traffic.

#Morelos has not been able to stop the increase in cases. The entity declared only on #December 23 that it was going to a red traffic light. #All non-essential activities were then forced to shut down.

#In this state, from epidemiological week 50 to 51, it went from around 450 to 500 estimated cases of COVID, while the occupation of beds with ventilators in hospitals grew 9% to reach 43%. The occupancy in general hospital beds is already almost half, with 49%.

#Just two days before the red light was decreed, local media reported that the inhabitants of #Cuautla had packed shopping centers to do #Christmas shopping or enter restaurants. #With the forced closure of these places, people began to make long lines to enter supermarkets.

#Puebla, another state of the megalopolis, has had a high plateau of estimated cases for three weeks of around 1,800. #In hospitals, the occupancy of beds with ventilators has increased 2% to 29% and in general hospital beds , occupancy increased 10%, to now reach 47%.

#On #December 21, the state government announced new measures to prevent more infections, such as restaurant capacity of only 25%, closing of shopping centers #December 24, 25, 30 and 31, in addition to #January 7 and 8, 2021 , as well as closing of the trade in the metropolitan area of ​​#Puebla and in the #Historic #Center.

#Of the states that make up the megalopolis, only #Querétaro has seen a significant decline in the number of estimated cases for three weeks, from around 2,600 in week 49 to about 1,700 in week 51. #But the decline in bed occupancy with a fan, it barely reached a 1% reduction to 46%. #While the occupancy in general hospital beds continues to rise, with a 3% increase, to reach 50%.

A state that does not belong to the megalopolis, but which is its neighbor, also continues with a strong attack from the epidemic, #Guanajuato, an entity where the local government decided to declare the red traffic light.

They have been reducing estimated cases for two weeks, passing in week 49 from around 5,000 to 4,000 in week 51. #Although, in the state hospitalizations have not yet been reduced: occupancy in general beds is 70% and in beds with a fan of 32%, which means an increase of 4%.

The #Undersecretary of #Health asked the inhabitants of this central area of ​​the country to respect sanitary and confinement measures in order to reduce the second wave of strong infections of the COVID epidemic. #He also alerted the population, especially those with risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension or obesity, to go to hospitals early.

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