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Historic Vote! Senate approves decriminalization of abortion in Argentina

A historical event has just occurred in the early morning of #December 30, after the #Senate of #Argentina endorsed the project of law that allows free and legal access to abortion until week 14 of gestation.

#After decades of movements led by thousands of women seeking legalize abortion in that country, this bill was achieved after obtaining 38 votes in favor and 29 against.

The main purpose of the bill is to regulate access to the #Voluntary termination of pregnancy and postabortion care, in compliance with the commitments assumed by the #Argentine #State in matters of public health and human rights of women and of people with other gender identities with the capacity to carry children and in order to contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality preventable

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#Although the voluntary interruption applies until the 14th week of gestation, the project contemplates that outside this period, the woman may only abort when the following situations arise: #If the pregnancy was the result of rape, in the case of girls under 13 years of age and if the life or integral health of the pregnant person is in danger.

#Women who decide to terminate their pregnancy in the services of the health system must receive dignified treatment, privacy, confidentiality, autonomy of will, quality, and access to information.

#It is worth mentioning that the initiative of #Voluntary #Interruption of #Pregnancy (IVE) until week 14 of gestation was presented by the center-left president #Alberto #Fernandez, as a way to “guarantee that all women have access to the right to comprehensive health.”

#Several ministers followed the debate from the stands, a way of supporting the project and reminding their own deputies who vote against that the initiative belongs to the #Executive.

“We are all for life, but we are against hiding. #Abortion exists, existed and will continue to exist, ”declared #Congresswoman #Adriana Cáceres, from the right-wing party PRO and favorable to the law, in response to groups that reject the project and define themselves as pro-life.

#However, although the project was supported by the majority, there were positions against it, such as #Deputy #Carmen #Polledo who rejected the project because it seeks “the elimination of a being that is gestating in the womb.”

#Likewise, #Senator #Mario #Fiad affirmed that this project will end dreams and opportunities for children.

“#If this bill becomes law, dreams, projects, opportunities will be aborted for those girls and women for whom we will not change their dramatic reality of daily vulnerability, neither structural poverty nor lack of education,” he said.

#Clandestine abortions in #Argentina

#In that country, a woman who aborted was penalized, except in cases of danger to the woman’s life or health, or in the event of rape. #This situation led to more than 3,000 women losing their lives in the last 30 years and another 49,000 putting their health and lives at risk, according to #Amnesty #International #Argentina (AI).

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#Death from abortion is among the leading causes of maternal death. #In 2018, 35 women died from pregnancies that ended in abortion, according to AI. #Two of them were adolescents between 15 and 19 years old, eight were young people between 20 and 24 years old and eight were between 25 and 29 years old.

#Two cases were also made public in the province of #Buenos #Aires, one of them that of #Liz, 34, who died of an infection after interrupting her pregnancy with a parsley stem.

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##Historic ##Vote ##Senate #approves #decriminalization #abortion ##Argentina


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