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Belinda cuts her hair and shows off Acapulco-style braids; Are you copying Angela Aguilar?

#Belinda #He turned on the networks again and this time it was due to a new and radical change of look; the famous pop singer reappeared in #Instagram sporting her hair braided in the #Acapulco style and wowed her fans in social networks.

The artist shared a couple of photos where she shows off her braids with some accessories embedded; #Belinda also wore a shirt with a black and red print and to complement it, she opted for a red lipstick.

#In addition to the images, #Belinda published a video where you can completely see her outfit, quite casual and urban; in addition to his t-shirt #She wears black shorts and high boots with silver inlays, which made her shine like a diva.

#Belinda, the sensation in networks

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#Belinda #She became the sensation on #Instagram after sharing her photographs where she makes it very clear why she is one of the darlings of fashion, and also of the music, its almost 13 million followers on the social network they were surrendered to her beauty and particular style.

#Just a few days ago the artist she stole sighs by sharing an image where she is seen wearing a tight red dress in the shape of the #Santa #Claus costume; #Belinda #She appears mounted on a red bear that ended up falling in love with many of her fans.

#As on this occasion, his fanatics they sent him beautiful messages and compliments in the comment box and made him see that he looks spectacular, something that the pop singer always appreciates and responds to her millions of fans.

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