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CDMX exceeds 21 thousand deaths from COVID; hospitals with 24% availability

#On the penultimate day of 2020, #Mexico #City reached 21 thousand 224 deaths from COVID-19, while the total cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic in the capital are 320 thousand 251. #Of these, 4, 503 were totaled in the last 24 hours.

#Availability in general hospital beds is 24.2% and 25% in intensive therapy for intubation.

#During her daily press conference, the head of government, #Claudia #Sheinbaum, explained that this availability is due to the fact that several institutions expanded their number of beds, including hospitals of the #Mexican #Institute of #Social #Security and the ISSSTE of #Tláhuac. #Sedesa itself still has some beds for intubation, he said.

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#Lee: #Union leaders try to sneak into COVID vaccination in CDMX; there will be criminal sanction, says #Sheinbaum

#To date, there are 5,961 hospitalized patients in CDMX, of these 1,570 are intubated. #From #Monday to #Tuesday there was a stabilization, reported #Sheinbaum, even a bed was released, but it cannot be assured that a downward trend is coming.

#Even #Sheinbaum pointed out that yesterday was the day that more emergencies were attended in the capital by COVID. There were 243 dispatches of ambulances and 68 transferred to hospitals. #In #May and #June, the head of government stressed, there were not so many ambulance dispatches, but it was because there were not so many vehicles.

The president stressed that it is very important, in the presence of symptoms, to call 911, LOCATEL, for medical guidance. #If the level of oxygen in the blood, measured with an oximeter, drops to more than 90, it is necessary to call, he alerted, “right there they are guided so that either by their own means or by an ambulance they can reach a hospital. #But, we repeat, it is very important that they continue to use this SMS system, LOCATEL, 911 and the general orientation so that hospitals are reached early ”.

#Sheinbaum pointed out that it is not advisable to stay home alone with oxygen without the proper supervision of a qualified doctor.

The head of government reported that there will be no additional measures, such as double #Hoy no circula, dry law or operations in squares and avenues, but asked citizens to stay home and celebrate the arrival of the #New #Year only with the people with whom they live.

“It comes on #January 31 and 1, asking them not to have parties, that the celebrations are essentially with the family we live with. #If we comply with health measures, more quickly we will decrease hospitalizations, and of course, the unfortunate deaths that we have had in the city, “he said.

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