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The Galaxy S21 is a Pretty Phone

#After seeing the #Galaxy S21 line-up in countless images, my thoughts on its design haven’t necessarily changed much – I’ve always admitted that its unique backside was tastefully done. #But after seeing fresh real-world pictures this week, I’m back to thinking this is one of the most elegantly designed phones in some time. #What a pretty phone the #Galaxy S21 is.

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#You may be tempted to point out that the design isn’t actually that much different from this year’s #Galaxy S20 and you would not be incorrect. #We still have the all-display front with centered hole punch front camera. The backside appears to be a lot of glass with a large camera housing. The rest of the design bits are negligible.

#For whatever reason, the camera housing is pushing this over the top. #It’s like a waterfall edge on a pool. #It looks dangerous, so you can’t take your eyes off it. #It’s a risky design whose payoff is clear, because nothing else matches its uniqueness. #By cutting out a chunk of the corner of the phone, #Samsung is both separating the camera to remind you it’s there, while still blending it into the entire phone’s body. #It’s quite magical.

#And that’s really all that ties this together as being special. The front, while it might have even smaller bezels than the S20’s, isn’t that remarkable. #Less bezel might actually hurt its usability. #But that backside will let the S21 standout against a sea of recent phones that all settled into the exact same design.

I can’t wait to get this beauty in my hands.

Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21

// @MauriQHD

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