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Home Technology Someone managed to play the Shrek movie from a 1.44MB floppy disk

Someone managed to play the Shrek movie from a 1.44MB floppy disk

#At a time when the difficult thing is buy a new TV with a resolution lower than 4K, a #Reddit user has decided that your eyes don’t need luxuries like 4K, the 2K, the HD or even the videos standard definition, and has created a custom VCR that reproduces films of #Long duration on floppy disks of only 1.44 MB of storage.

#For comparison, an #Ultra HD #Blu-ray disc has a 66GB double-layer capacity for storing movies in 4K resolutions, while a single-layer #Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB, which enough to store a movie in HD resolutions. DVDs, which store video in standard definition resolutions, they have a storage capacity of 4.7 GB or 4700 MB, and even still images shot in the #ProRAW format of an iPhone 12 #Pro occupies between 25 and 40 MB of space. #Trying to shrink a movie that is 90 minutes long to just 1.44MB seems like a pointless act, but when has that stopped someone on the internet from doing anything?

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#GreedyPaint’s achievement, if you want to call it that, it’s actually a cheat on #Two parts. The most important piece is a video codecdeo x265 personalized which shrinks video files at resolutions of 120 x 96 pixels moving at four frames per second. #Version of #Shrek what can you see in it is VĂ­shared deo and #Reddit was compressed to occupy just 1,37 MB including movie audio which, as you can expect, it’s so bad for viewer’s ears like video compressed is for your eyes.

The other part of hack is a custom VCR built with a #Raspberry #Pi with a floppy drive instead of a tape slot VHS. The #LimaTek #Diskmaster even starts with a splash screen with the player’s invented corporate branding, and is programmed to automatically play the video file. stored in the floppy disk inserted. #Instead of a modern flat screen TV, the #Diskmaster was connected to a small CRT TV of old school which probably helped smooth out and hide a lot of compression artifacts from the video file.

#While #GreedyPaint has no intentions put the #LimaTek #Diskmaster into production (clearly did his market research and realize that few people would consider spending money on this), there are some cool ways to improve it, including the passage of the small video signal through a machine learning algorithm to see if the quality of #Image and frame rate can be increased and improved to more attractive resolutions.

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