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Trade-in site Gazelle is ending trade-ins

#Gazelle, one of the longest-running used smartphone buyers in the US, has announced the end of its core trade-in program, which let phone owners mail in phones and other electronics devices in exchange for cash.

The news, revealed in an email #Gazelle sent to some customers on #Wednesday and shared with The #Verge, means any prospective #Gazelle customers will have to receive a quote and initiate the trade-in process by #January 31st, 2021 (allowing 30 days to mail in the phone) if they want to take advantage of the program. The service will shut down officially on #February 1st, while any active trade-ins will be honored, the company says.

#This isn’t the end of #Gazelle’s business. #Gazelle’s parent company ecoATM, which has been around since 2006, operates kiosks that let you get instant cash for a used device, and the #Gazelle website is now used as a retailer for selling those devices at reduced prices after they’re then refurbished. (The catch is that ecoATMs may not pay out as much as the traditional #Gazelle mail-in program, which typically has offered more than $300 or so for a prior year’s flagship like the iPhone 11 #Pro.)

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#Gazelle doesn’t give a reason for the decision, but there are a few major trends in the US mobile business that point toward a general decline in the benefits of cash trade-in services. #For one, many more people now than in years past lease their smartphones instead of buying them outright, a broad shift from the days when US carriers offered reduced price phones in exchange for firm two-year contracts.

#Now, it’s quite easy to pay a modest monthly fee for a phone through a program like AT&T #Next #Up or #Apple’s iPhone #Upgrade #Program, with the option to trade that device in for a new one after a designated amount of time. #Unless you decide to pay off your leased phone early, you can’t turn around and sell it to #Gazelle — and you wouldn’t necessarily want to do that as it doesn’t make much financial sense.

#Additionally, #Gazelle’s early business boomed on iPhone trade-ins back when selling your phone to get the latest #Apple product was a popular strategy for early adopters. #Now, #Apple has a robust trade-in program of its own (in addition to the leasing program) that pretty much gets you the same result.

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