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Words to wish a happy New Year 2021

The time has come for fire 2020; year marked by the pandemic of covid-19, and without a doubt, today more than ever is the time to send good wishes to our loved ones from whom we have had to physically distance ourselves with confinement and social distance days.

#This year, the coronavirus taught us to communicate more through social networks, electronic devices and applications, from tablets, cell phones, #WhatsApp, #Zoom and many other means that helped us to shorten the distance, therefore, we leave you a compilation of the best images so that before twelve chimes and the traditional grapes, wish him a happy new year 2021 and the people you love the most:

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#Why are 12 grapes eaten on #New #Years?

#New #Year’s #Eve is full of rituals that thousands of families perform at midnight on #December 31, but there is probably no one more important than eating the 12 grapes and thus making a wish or thinking about their resolutions that they will seek to achieve in 2021.

The origin of this tradition has several theories, dating back to the 19th century in #Spain. #Over the years, this custom arrived —with the #Conquest— orally on #Mexican soil, as well as in various #Spanish-speaking countries: #Venezuela, #Argentina, #Ecuador, #Peru, #Chile and #Colombia.

#Lucky grapes

The first of them mentions that in 1909, there was a very good grape harvest and the farmers of the #Alicante region of the #Vinalopó #Valley took the opportunity to put them on the market under the name of the “lucky grapes”. #According to this version, some locals saved, as a singular and exquisite dessert for dinner, enough grape grains for each diner to take them when the clock struck midnight.


The version of the #Regulatory #Council of the #Denomination of #Origin #Uva #Embolsada del #Vinalopó indicates that the tradition dates back to the end of the 19th century, as an act to mock the aristocracy. #History tells that in the last decades of the 19th century the #Spanish families of the aristocracy, influenced by their #French counterparts, had the custom of organizing private gatherings on the occasion of the end of the year, in which champagne and grapes were served, but the latter only in order to accompany the sparkling wine.


#Another theory is that the tradition was born to ignore a municipal command that sanctioned the noisy activities of #Madrilenians at #Christmas, so the citizens went out to the streets and chose to eat grapes in the current #Puerta del #Sol, an act that coincided with #December 31st.

A whole tradition

#According to tradition, 12 grapes are placed on the table in front of each diner, symbolizing the 12 months of the year and must be eaten with each of the chimes of the clock. #Additionally, those who finish all 12 grapes in the first 60 seconds of the #New #Year are believed to have good luck for the next 365 days.


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