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Each Russian vaccine has a cost of US $ 9.5 and the first batch will be for medical personnel

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The #Minister of #Health, Édgar #Pozo, reported this #Wednesday that #Each #Russian #Sputnik-V vaccine against #Covid-19 that will arrive in the country will cost 9.5 dollars and that the first batch, which will arrive in #January, will be for medical personnel.

#Today the president #Luis #Arce formalized the acquisition of 5,200,000 doses, which will be delivered until #May, so the budget for the purchase will exceed 49 million dollars, although its application to the population will be free and voluntary.

“The vaccines of #Russian origin passed different biological validation tests, therefore, are considered as vaccines with a high level of immunity, above 90 percent#This is a figure that guarantees the quality of the medicine and its protection, ”said the president at a press conference.

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LThe purchase is part of the 11 million vaccines that are expected to be guaranteed in the coming months for the entire population and in the case of the #Russian vaccine, it does not require greater logistics for its transfer, only normal airway.

“The cold chain, luckily, #Russian industrial technology, does not require large transfer apparatusTherefore, the mechanism will be normal air, there is no major problem, ”said #Pozo.

#Finally, regarding the 6,000 doses that will arrive in #January, the minister emphasized that they will be destined for medical personnel. “#We have to protect our soldiers because this is a war against death”, #He specified, adding to that group those who have risk diseases, such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and the elderly.

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