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a fun, exercise-friendly last minute gift that will make you look like a queen

#Six days (counted) from #Twelfth #Night, the time to buy gifts is running out. #But maybe having saved it for last wasn’t bad because our last review #In technological matters, it has given us an idea of ​​what could be a full-blown gift: the #Oculus #Quest 2 virtual reality glasses. #And after a year in which we have needed more than ever a good escapism session, a gadget #That you provide it to us from the comfort of our homes is very appealing.

The #Oculus #Quest 2 glasses are autonomous. #That is, they do not have cables or need a mobile phone, a PC or a console to function. #Although to start using them, you do need to use your mobile phone. #You need to install the “#Oculus” application on our smartphone and then access with a #Facebook account and link our glasses to the app via #Bluetooth.

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oculus quest

#Come in a natural style cardboard box craft elongated and include two knobs, a lens spacing accessory (ideal for those who wear spectacles), and a charging cable and plug adapter.

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The design of the glasses is elegant and minimalThey are made of plastic and weigh about half a kilo. #Something that you notice while wearing them, but they are not uncomfortable or leave marks after use. #To avoid blurring with them, the most important thing is to adjust them well, something that can be a bit complicated if it is your first time using them but to which you get used to easily. They have two adjustable rubbers on the head and three positions for the lenses.

The design of the controls follows the same aesthetics and they are comfortable in both size and weight. #According to experts, “the location of the triggers is sensational, as our index and middle fingers fall on them naturally”.

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Oculus Quest 2 - All-in-one Advanced VR Headset, 256GB

#Oculus #Quest 2 – #All-in-one #Advanced VR #Headset, 256GB

Oculus Quest 2 - All-in-one Advanced VR Headset, 64GB

#Oculus #Quest 2 – #All-in-one #Advanced VR #Headset, 64GB

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#With it you can from watching movies on services streaming like #Netflix, enjoy various experiences such as visiting #Notre #Dame #Cathedral or playing games.

#You can also use them to play computer games, properly configured. #Or use them together with headphones to take the sound experience one step further.

#As for the battery life, the glasses have an autonomy of two and a half hours and the controls (which go with batteries), a much higher one. I’ve been testing them for several weeks and they still haven’t run out of battery.

#If you ask me about whether I have felt dizzy with them, I have not. #At the beginning or when playing certain games for the first time I felt somewhat unbalanced, but I think you get used to it.

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#My experience

The experience is amazing, super immersive. The quality of the image is very good and the sound too, they transport you to another universe as if by magic.

I have really enjoyed playing ‘#Beat #Saber’ (a game that consists of breaking cubes and avoiding obstacles), ‘#Pistol #Whip’ (a shooting game) and ‘The #Walkind #Dead: #Saint & #Sinners’ (a must for all fans of the series). #And I was amazed at how it is possible to make #Tai #Chi (‘#Guided #Tai #Chi’) or ceramics (‘#Let’s create #Pottery’) with glasses and it is very realistic.

I also love the idea of ​​playing in a group with my friends from their homes, an option offered by games like ‘#Sport #Scramble’ and ‘#Rec #Room’. #And I confess that I have already thought about what my next ‘vices’ are going to be: the car racing game ‘#Dash #Dash #World’ and that of ‘#Star #Wars: #Tales from the galaxy’. #Once you start testing games, you don’t want to stop.

#In general, I like video games that offer glasses because they are a fun way to exercise at home. #All of them require some movement, which means that playing does not mean lying on the sofa and they help us to move more.

There are some specific games for sports, such as ‘#FitXr’, ‘#Thrill of the #Fight!’ or ‘#Dance #Central’ that use movements fitness, boxing or dancing. #In them, the level of activity or fatigue is higher but, as our colleague, an expert in sport from #Vitónica, #Raquel #Rodríguez, explains, it is important to make it clear that “a video game cannot replace a training because it is not planned or personalized for each one “. #Though #Yes it can be a good alternative to move more.

The expert explains that this type of video games that require us to be in motion and gamify training “They are a perfect option to stay active. #Ideal for people who do not like to play sports, as they are an attempt to make it easier for us to move more as an entertainment alternative. #And for those who already do sports too, because they are perfect for days when they have active rest and to complement physical activity at home “.

#In addition, according to the expert, it could be used to lose weight, “if you join a diet to lose weight, like any other exercise” and help you improve skills “such as coordination”.

#If you want to keep track of how long you’ve been physically active with the glasses, the #Oculus #Move app can help. “#It is very interesting to stay active every day and not stop after a few days, a good way to motivate people”, #Raquel thinks. #And it provides an approximation of the calories you burn.

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#From #Xataka they said a while ago that “They are one of the best glasses that we can buy today to get started in virtual reality without making a high outlay” and I agree. I think the quality / price ratio is superb. The variety of applications, experiences and games available to them is immense and they give a lot of play. #It is a great hobby for free time.

#In addition, as we have seen, for anyone who is not very fond of going to the gym, it is a suitable tool. #And this, after months of being at home, is not bad at all.

Therefore, after a month of use, have occupied my ranking of best gifts or self-gifts. #And although it may be too late to include them in the list of #Kings, I recommend them 100% if someone wants to surprise. #Laughter with them is guaranteed.

#Oculus #Quest 2 datasheet

  • WEIGHT: 503 grams
  • RESOLUTION: 1,920 x 1,832 per eye
  • REFRESH FREQUENCY: 90 #Hz #Capada a 72 #Hz
  • PROCESSOR: #Snapdragon XR2
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: #WiFi 6 #Bluetooth 5.1
  • PORTS: USB type C
  • STORAGE: 64/256 GB
  • SOUND: 3D
  • TRACKING: #Internal cameras
  • ITEMS IN THE PACKAGE: #Viewfinder, 2 x remote controls, 2 x AA batteries, 1 x USB #Type-C cable, 1 x charger and 1 x adapter for glasses.
  • PRICE: 64 GB: 349 euros 256 GB: 449 euros

The product was provided for testing by #Facebook. #You can check our company relations policy.

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