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4 things to do after exercise if you want to lose weight

#Both physicians and nutrition experts agree that the combination of balanced diet and regular sport it is the best way to lose weight in the long term. #However, on that theoretical basis of good nutrition and exercise there are many variants: and one of them is the one that we are going to analyze to promote healthy weight loss.

#Modifying some activities of daily life is enough to make our weight loss process more effective. #And one of those activities has to do with physical exercise: putting into practice certain post-workout routines They will help us so that the hard work done in that session multiply your action.

The keys to exercise schedules when losing weight
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The #Times of #India experts have prepared a list of 4 things to do after training if we are trying to lose weight. #Five actions that must be carried out so that our effort to lose weight becomes less kilos when we step on the scale and confirm our intentions to eliminate excess weight.

#Sport and lose weight

#One of the factors that receives the least attention is cooling down after sports. #However, in the same way that warming up is essential to avoid possible injuries, cooling down is essential in any exercise routine. #With cooling we help the body’s heart rate return to normal little by little.

#Not only do you have to stretch before training, it should also be done at the end

The same happens with the core temperature of the body: with cooling it returns to the usual temperature and, therefore, the risk of injury is reduced. #At the same time, we eliminate the possibility of dizziness or blood clotting. #And the best way to cool down the body after exercise is the same way we warm up: with stretching.

#Another habit that we must have when we finish training is drinking water to compensate for fluid loss in the form of sweat. #Staying hydrated is essential to lose weight and is a practice recommended by both a doctor and nutritionists as it helps you lose weight, in addition to other benefits it has for the body.

Stretching is important both before and after training (EFE / Kai Försterling)
#Stretching is important both before and after training (EFE / #Kai Försterling)

#But drinking water before and after training is also very interesting for those who seek lose weight and build muscle. The reason is that water helps to repair and recover the muscles before time and, in addition, it is useful for the first point because it helps to reduce the core temperature of the body after exercise.

#Lose weight in a healthy way

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#Nutritionists recommend doing sports a minimum of 3 or 4 days a week and for no less than 45 minutes. #In this way, we are burning calories so that, at the end of the day, there is a caloric deficit, that is, we burn more calories than we ingest to achieve the final goal, which is none other than losing weight.

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The essential quality you need to lose weight, according to science


#However, exercise causes hunger and many people decide to stop playing sports and eating uncontrollably. #That is a bad idea, since we will be ruining everything that we have previously achieved with exercise. #It is best to carry a handful of nuts or a banana to give us the energy to keep going.

The last trick to lose weight after playing sports has to do with rest. #Muscles need relax after training to be able to recover and, at the same time, develop. #If overtraining occurs, this process can be halted, while causing severe muscle pain.

#Rest is essential for the muscles to recover

#It is best to let your muscles rest for a few minutes and relax through stretching or massage. #In this way we will contribute to the muscles keep working even after training, helping to achieve that much-needed and desired weight loss, especially at #Christmas in the face of (small) family gatherings.

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