The makers of this #Netflix story show more significant previews to the delight of fans.

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#By #Gabriela #Trujillo

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#Wednesday, #December 30, 2020, at 04:00


#More and more are the details that are revealed about The #Witcher season. #And although it is already a fact that its premiere is pending for 2021, fans are more eager to know what is coming in this long-awaited installment in which the sorcerer #Geralt of #Rivia and other characters will face rude battles with new creatures.

Therefore, here we tell you what the first scene of this plot is about, which was explained by its creators and gives a clear idea of ​​how this part of #Netflix’s most successful story will begin.

The first scene of the #Witcher season 2 was revealed

The script for the first scene was revealed by its creators. #It also portrays part of what will be this first image with which many already develop part of what is coming in this second season that has gone through innumerable setbacks in its recordings. #And although they have not shown a new trailer yet, it perfectly depicts what happens.

The action takes place at night in which the mountains give a hint that it is a small town that is surrounded by these prominent natural rock and mud sculptures. #Participating in it is a man, a merchant who, together with his wife and daughter, are looking for a room in an inn to spend the night. #Geralt’s voiceover appears immediately, pointing out: “#You followed each of my steps but you knocked down others who crossed my path. #Why?”

#Immediately afterwards, a terrified scream is heard with which the mystery is unleashed, since it is the merchant’s wife who has expressed her fear and appears covered in blood along with her daughter who were attacked by an unexpected creature. The merchant runs to the carriage until he is hit by the monster and only the little girl bathed in blood remains on the scene fleeing from this place alone.

#At the end, the sorcerer’s voice-over is heard again, saying: “I was destined to end up alone, wasn’t it? #Now I’m going to start to be afraid?”

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