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The CdMx will administratively and criminally punish those who want to sneak into the vaccination list

#In her virtual press conference, the official insisted that “we are not going to allow favoritism,” and asked to put contacts on social networks to report directly to the authorities of the country’s capital.

#Mexico #City, #December 30 (#However) .– The #Mexico #City will apply administrative sanctions to people who, for influentialism or political pressure, try to get vaccinated before health personnel, said #Claudia #Sheinbaum #Pardo, #Head of #Government of the capital of the country.

#In reference to leaders of the #Section 12 of the #Unique #Union of #Workers of the #Government of #Mexico #City that this morning they tried to get in line with health workers that was formed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, informed that he has already requested the names and the complete reference to apply exemplary sanctions.

“Nobody is above the doctors, nurses, caretakers, orderlies. They have given their lives for us ”, he stated.

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#In her virtual press conference, the official insisted that “we are not going to allow favoritism,” and asked to put contacts on social networks to report directly to the authorities of the country’s capital.

“#Once those leaders know that there will be administrative and criminal sanction for all those who want to sneak into a list,” said the #Head of #Government.

“#Corruption is over here and we are not going to allow it to be abused with such a sensitive issue as the pandemic vaccine,” he added. #For this reason, he also called on health personnel to report those who try to abuse.

#Sheinbaum #Pardo stressed that the federal #Ministry of #Health (SSa) is coordinating the application of the coronavirus vaccine, so there are lists with the names of who should receive the drug.

“We are not going to allow, under any circumstances, that a leader of a union section or a union commissioner who is not in charge of COVID-19 generates any influence or by any means wants to enter the list that the #Ministry of #Health has been coordinating federal government and that the city government has been coordinating, since the names of the people who are at the forefront of the pandemic have been clearly given, ”the capital president emphasized.

The #Mayor of #Mexico #City stressed that the current administration of the capital and the federal government are not “like the previous ones” in which “corrupt union leaders” could access privileges through influentialism.

#On #December 24, vaccination against COVID-19 of health personnel began #Photo: #Cuartoscuro.

“Here there is no influentialism, here it is not like in previous governments where being a corrupt union leader allowed them to have canonies. #Here are the health workers who are in front of COVID, they are the ones who will receive the vaccination first; and later by age, as announced by the #Government of #Mexico ”, he added.

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#Claudia #Sheinbaum explained that she not only instructed the city’s #Health #Secretariat (#Sedesa) to deliver the names and surnames of those who tried to obtain the vaccines through political pressure, but also asked the #Attorney #General’s #Office #Justice of #Mexico #City (FGJ-CdMx) that the maximum punishment that must be given in criminal matters regarding this “lack of respect” be given.

“Here justice goes first for those who have given their lives to save people who have COVID-19. #We will not allow it under any circumstances. #So, I am asking for the first and last names of those people who wanted to enter the line, they will receive the highest administrative sanction and the highest criminal sanction. #Because it has already changed, before the union leaders had all the canonies in the world. They used force, in fact since we entered the city government; they wanted to use force to remove hospital directors ”.

#He said that if the country’s capital no longer has tolerance for acts of corruption, much less will it have tolerance for a subject “as sensitive” as the administration of vaccines.

#In addition, #Sheinbaum stated that #Section 12 was “one of the most corrupt” of the #Single #Union of #Workers of the #Government of #Mexico #City and sent a direct message to those who wanted to sneak in, emphasizing that they will be severely sanctioned.

“Tell the medical personnel who are in the hospitals that if there is any injustice, let us know, because also to those who are developing this list, they have to do it with all justice. #Let us know and we will intervene ”, he concluded.

#So far, the vaccine should only be applied to health personnel. #Photo: #Cuartoscuro.


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The #President of #Mexico, #Andrés #Manuel López #Obrador, announced this #Wednesday morning that an investigation has already been opened into the case of a family that received the COVID-19 vaccine from #Pfizer and #BioNTech in a hospital in #Rayón, in the #State of #Mexico, despite the fact that the doses are currently only applied to health personnel in hospitals that care for patients with the new coronavirus.

“Yesterday a colleague, #Daniela, made a complaint because in a hospital in #Rayón, in the #State of #Mexico, a family had been vaccinated. The #Army was blamed because they were military personnel. The investigation was done and in effect, a family that did not have the application of the vaccine arrived and was vaccinated with influentialism. A doctor, his wife, I think one or two of his daughters. I am not going to talk about the names because that will correspond to the investigation that has already begun to punish this irregularity, this abuse, ”he said.

#According to the local press, the vaccinated doctor is #José #Rogel #Romero, director of the #Adolfo López #Mateos hospital, located in the city of #Toluca, who does not work on the front line of coronavirus care.

#From the #Treasury room of the #National #Palace, the president again made a new call to people to help him denounce “these abuses because it is not a matter of a single woman, a single man, a single public servant or a group. #It is everyone’s business to be able to stop, stop, cut off influentialism, which is a vice, a bad habit that comes from afar ”.

“We all have to fight for a better society, without injustice, without arrogance, without cheating. #We all have to help and let it be known that it is immoral to skip or skip the line, it is an immorality if it does not correspond to us, if we have decided in accordance with the recommendations of the experts that the first thing is to vaccinate the health personnel who are in the COVID hospitals, ”he stressed.

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