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The nine best apps for exercising at home

#During this 2020 we have had to get used to doing many more things within our own home. The big winner of the year has been, without a doubt, physical exercise. #And it is that, who more and who less, during the confinement has done some sport in the living room of their own home or in some other room.

#Although it seems that things will improve in the coming months, the reality is that, for the moment, we will continue to spend many hours inside our house. #So why not take the opportunity to keep getting fit at home? #Or even start doing it. #To help us we can make use of some applications that offer us everything we need. These are our nine favorite options.

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#Freeletics #Bodyweight (home workouts without equipment)

#Freeletics’ is one of the best-known applications when it comes to training, without a doubt. #Not only that, but it is also highly recommended. #In this application we can find workouts designed to be able to perform without material, so the exercises are performed with body weight. #This is very convenient when we do not have material at home and offers us ideas about possible exercises. #Something that we may need when we train at home with few accessories.

  • #It is free to download for both #Android and iOS, but all plans are paid.

#Seven (a workout in seven minutes)


#Who says it takes a long time to complete a full workout? #This application offers us the possibility of getting a complete training in just seven minutes. #We don’t need anything else. #In addition, there are not few options that it gives us, since we can find more than 200 exercises, many of them suitable even if we are starting to play sports now. #If competition is what motivates you, you can challenge yourself and share – and compare – your achievements with those of other friends.

  • #It is a free application, with payment options, for #Android and iOS.

8Fit – #Fitness and #Nutrition (an application that is based on our needs and characteristics)


The biggest advantage that you will find in this application is that, in addition to different routines and exercises, you will also offers you interactive sessions. #This can make it much easier for you to follow the exercises and make sure you are doing them well. #In addition to that, it is an app that allows great customization since it asks you your goal, your usual activity level, your tastes in terms of food and other questions, to offer you options that fit your lifestyle and needs.

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  • #It is a free application for #Android and iOS.

HIIT and #Cardio #Workouts from #Fitify for high intensity workouts


#One of the advantages of HIIT is that it offers many physical advantages and takes us very little time without the need to use too much material. The problem is that, even in the case of more experienced people, it is possible that we end up doing very repetitive routines or we do not combine the exercises well. #This application will facilitate these workouts since it offers you up to 90 HIIT routines combined with cardio exercises. #In addition, it has explanatory videos and the possibility of using it without an #Internet connection.

  • #It is a free application that we can find for #Android and iOS.

#Fitbit #Coach (custom workouts)


The #Fitbit #Coach application is endorsed by the brand’s prestige in offering tools and accessories for athletes and people who want to take care of their health. The app has a series of trainings from which we can choose, but it also gives us the option of making payments for having personalized monthly trainings. #One of the most interesting advantages is that we can modify our workouts and adapt them to the time we have.

#Yoga for beginners


#Yoga is part of life for many of us, but right now it is not possible for everyone to attend the usual classes. #If this is your case, this application is suitable whether you are just starting out or if you have already given some classes and want to continue advancing from your own home. #It allows you to choose between three different #Yoga practices and has videos that we can follow.

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  • #It is a free application for #Android and iOS.

#HiFit to connect with other users


The greatest particularity of this application is the fact that it allows us to connect with other users. #Thanks to her we can share exercises and recipes with other people. #One of the problems with not going to the gym is that we can feel a bit lonely or have no one to share our activity with. #This app may be the solution.

  • #Available for #Android for free.

#Asana #Rebel


#Yoga is one of the most suitable physical activities to help us reduce our levels of anxiety and stress and it is precisely on this that this application focuses. #With her you can design your day and your training based on what you want to achieve. #Whether it is toning our body, gaining strength or relaxing, #Asana #Rebel gives us that option by combining fitness exercises with #Yoga.

  • #It is a free download application, but you need a subscription for a minimum price of 15.99 euros. #We find it on #Android and iOS.

#Sworkit #Coach

Sworkit Coach

#In some cases what we want is to be able to have different trainings, from different applications it is a single application, without having to accumulate thousands of different apps depending on the activity we are going to do. #This is the case of #Sworkit, in which #You can find cardio, #Pilates, #Yoga, strength exercises and a long etc. #It will also allow you to choose the minutes of training you are going to do and what your goal is.

  • #It has a free trial week and then costs $ 7.99 per year on #Android and iOS.

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