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A nurse in California contracts COVID-19 after getting vaccinated

#Matthew, a 45-year-old nurse from #San #Diego, #California, fell ill with COVID-19 alone six days later given the first dose of #Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, ABC #News reported.

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The nurse, whose identity has not been published but who works in care units for patients with COVID-19, developed symptoms such as chills, muscle pain and fatigue. The diagnostic test that was performed after presenting the symptoms was positive.

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#This case is not a sign that the vaccine is not effective, nor is it surprising that it happened, experts agree. #Why then did the nurse get infected after being vaccinated?

The #Pfizer and #Moderna vaccines, which are already being distributed in the #United #States, require two doses, given 21 days apart, to immunize. #Pfizer clinical trials show that the vaccine is 95% effective when administered complete, according to the #Food and #Drug #Administration (FDA).

#All those who have only received the first dose are still not adequately protected.

“#We think that first dose gives you around 50% [de protección], and it takes that second dose to get to 95%, “explained #Christian #Ramers, an infectious disease specialist at the #San #Diego #Family #Health #Centers.

A healthcare worker in #Pennsylvania receives the coronavirus vaccine.AP

The second factor to consider is time it takes time for the vaccine to be effective. A person does not get immediate protection against the SARS-COv-2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

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“#We know from clinical trials of the vaccine that he will take between 10 and 14 days start developing vaccine protection, “#Ramers said.

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#Given that the incubation period of the virus is two to 14 days, according to the #Centers for #Disease #Control and #Prevention (CDC, in #English), it is also possible that the nurse was infected with the coronavirus before he was vaccinated.

“It usually takes a few weeks for the body to develop immunity after vaccination. #That means it is possible for a person to become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 just before or after vaccination and get sick, “the CDC explains.

#Obtaining the coronavirus vaccine does not therefore imply that people should abandon the protection measures like practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, and washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

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#Clinical trials by #Pfizer and #Moderna show that vaccines prevent people from developing COVID-19 symptoms, and prevent the disease from developing so badly that infected people require hospitalization.

#However, it is unknown whether those vaccinated may carry the virus and, therefore, capable of infecting other people. #Until 70% of the population in the #United #States is vaccinated, thus achieving the so-called “herd immunity,” all people should continue using the masks to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

#With information from ABC #News, FDA, CDC, ABC7Chicago.

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