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Apple loses its lawsuit against Corellium, considered an attempt to set a legal precedent against jailbreak

A little over a year ago, Apple filed a lawsuit against a virtualization software company called #Corellium, which they accused of basing its entire business on the sale of illegal iOS and iPadOS replicas.

#According to those of #Cupertino, #Corellium uses the “pretext” of helping to discover bugs in third-party software to plagiarize various items without your permission of the aforementioned operating systems, such as the code, the interface and the icons.

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#But at the same time, #Apple also claimed that #Corellium helps create hacking tools. thanks to facilitating the detection of bugs in their software, tools that later end up being sold to government agencies. The errors detected by #Corellium tools were “never” reported to #Apple, according to the latter company.

#Crossing accusations between #Apple and #Corellium

#Corellium has made a name for itself in recent years allowing its users to virtualize iOS / iPadOS on other devices to be able to submit applications developed for them to security tests.

#As this company alleged at the time, the cybersecurity world saw the lawsuit as “an attempt to use copyright as an excuse to control the thriving, and largely legal, market for software vulnerabilities“. #In fact,

“The lawsuit was filed just days after #Apple announced that it would provide investigators with special ‘pre-hacked’ devices to allow them to find and report more bugs to the company.”

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A few months ago, in a statement, #Corellium added that this legal attack went far beyond their company, and that it was a way of setting a precedent for eliminating the jailbreak:

“#We are disappointed by #Apple’s persistent demonization of jailbreak. #Developers and researchers rely on jailbreaking to test the security of their own and third-party apps. #Checks that cannot be done without a jailbroken device.”

#Now, finally, a US federal judge has ruled on the matter, and it has not been in favor of #Apple: it considers that there is a “fair use” of copyright from #Apple, so #Corellium now has permission from the authorities to continue distributing its virtualization software.

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