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It was, for him, a normal week in the office.

Donald Trump said he wanted to buy the Danish Greenland. The Danes, however,
Greenland can not sell as the colonial age in their part of the
World is over, politely declined, and so Donald Trump said one
Denmark trip. He imposed new punitive tariffs on Chinese goods, though the
Past punitive tariffs strangle the economy and the path of the global economy in
Direction crisis and recession points. Because the central bank Fed did not lower interest rates,
Trump asked who was actually the bigger enemy, China's President Xi Jingping or
Fed President Jerome Powell. Germany does not pay interest on debt, but America does
very well, he complained. He cursed that is part of the daily program that
Democrats, whom he considers "losers," and the media he fake news
is called.

Yes, it was actually a week like all other weeks in Washington. Trump
He said he was thinking about tax cuts, then said tax cuts were
not necessary, and then that he is planning for 2021 tax cuts. When he was the boss of
National Rifle Association (NRA) called to advertise that it is now
Trump really did not need to tighten the gun laws
his three-week-old announcement to tighten the gun laws.
A tweet in which Trump called "King of Israel" and "Rebirth of God"
was retweeted Trump. After that he stood on the lawn of the White House,
looked up into the sky and said, "I am the Chosen One" – "I am the
Chosen. "When he was criticized, he tweeted that it was self-evident
a joke. By the way, the head of the Danish government was "a wonderful

And then he flew to Europe, to the G7 in Biarritz. He will be going to Poland
travel on, but not to Germany – of course not. Only to the hamburger
G20 summit he came, he had to come, otherwise he avoids Germany. Because he
Germany does not like, and at least what the political class in Berlin
This is based on reciprocity.

The way is tedious

Still, after close to 1,000 days of Donald Trump's in the White House, asks
The rest of the West, Europe wonders, wonders the federal government,
as with the new US, the United States under this president
to handle. What else can we rely on? How can a new one
America politics work?

The West, as he was before Trump, no longer exists. The cohesion
is gone, the trust is eroded. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko
Maas give little or nothing to statements from the White House or the State
Department, because they have learned that there tomorrow the opposite
can be said. In the Foreign Office, various experts also know
Two and a half years ago not who to call in Washington, because in
US Department of State so many rooms are empty; and in the
inhabited rooms are constantly changing.

Even the old manners no longer exist. Trump tweets over
confidential discussions, announces contracts or their end to whim
via Twitter, and his people copy him. The ambassador in Berlin,
No doubt, Richard Grenell is a bit different from other diplomats
and comments on German domestic politics via Twitter. David Friedman, Ambassador
in Israel, attacks Iran via Twitter. Security Advisor John Bolton
denounces NATO and of course Iran and Venezuela via Twitter. Just like that
Acting boss can not hurt, apparently his Unterlings think. That's why
Tweets have replaced the old international politics – Twitter is now being created
World politics, often random, sometimes strategically prepared.

How can Europe react now? And what about Donald Trump, who
yes, on the other hand, feels no appreciation for Germany and Europe?

50 American MPs came to the Munich
Security Conference in February, which was understood as the sign it
Probably should be: We are still there, Trump is not America. Chancellor
Angela Merkel gave a speech against unilateralism, and America
Deputies clapped violently. This way is tedious: Germany can Trump
ignore and work around.

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