Apple TV +: Apple demands ten dollars a month for five series


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Apple apparently demands ten dollars a month for five series

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Thomas Heuzeroth

Streaming service Apple TV + should cost nearly ten dollars

Apple has apparently already put six billion dollars in content for its video streaming service. For the start in the fall a price mark of nearly ten dollars per month is intended. This would be the offer with the name Apple TV + comparatively expensive.

The streaming service of the iPhone group should start in the coming weeks. With that you want to forestall Disney. Although Apple waived initially on an extensive program, it promises the most expensive series of all time.

Dhe technology company Apple is apparently just about to launch its video streaming service TV +. As the "Financial Times" and Bloomberg report, the offer should start no later than November. Apple wants to preempt Disney, whose streaming offer Disney Plus in the US on 12 November go online.

Apple plans to launch in more than 150 countries worldwide. The company has reportedly budgeted for $ 6 billion to make exclusive purchases of TV shows and movies. The Morning Show alone with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell devours several hundred million dollars.

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This would be a consequence of the "Morning Show" more expensive than a consequence of Game of Thrones, which is said to have cost 15 million dollars in the last season. Apple relies on exclusive content to compete against competitors such as Netflix and Amazon.

However, the competitors spend even more money on content. Netflix said it would be about $ 15 billion this year. Apple has so far only a few details on his TV + called. For this, the iPhone group brought on its presentation in March, many Hollywood celebrities on the stage to promote its new service, including Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

Apple wants to break away from iPhone dependency

To start but only a few shows should be available. So much is known: In addition to the "Morning Show" there is a remake of Steven Spielberg's "Amazing Stories", the mystery series "See", the crime series "Truth Be Told" and a documentary series called "Home" ,

The content catalog should be expanded gradually. Apple did not comment on the price of TV +. Bloomberg now reports $ 9.99. The planned offer from Disney will cost $ 6.99. This is clearly above Apple and about the fees that Netflix requires with a very large catalog.

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Apple has recently spent a lot of effort on its streaming service. Under Apple manager Eddy Cue, the group has built a team at its Culver City, Los Angeles location, and has signed up to hire some Hollywood veterans.

Apple TV + will be part of the Apple TV app, which is preinstalled on Apple devices, but also runs on other manufacturers' boxes, including Amazon's Fire TV, Roku and Samsung TVs.

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Apple has been working for some time to get rid of the dependency on the iPhone, which represents a large part of sales. In the most recent quarter, the revenue share of the iPhone has fallen below 50 percent, while the services business has increased to 21 percent of revenue. Apple's goal is to achieve $ 50 billion in service revenue by 2020.

TV + would be the fifth subscription service that Apple has operated or announced. These include Apple Music, Apple News +, the game service Apple Arcade and iCloud.

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