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Silas Krejci and Sofia Walter fight together with their coach against jet lag and heavy weights

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Marc Polster (center) accompanies the World Cup participants as coach and national supervisor of the Bundesverband Deutscher Kraftdreikämpfer.

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Five o'clock in the morning in Canada, Marc Polster is wide awake. His inner clock is still ticking on Central European summer time, in his homeland Oberölsbach it is 13 clock. He's only been in Regina, a city in the south of the country, for a few days and is still fighting jet lag.

"We are trying to get used to the time difference," writes Marc Polster, who flew to Canada as coach and supervisor of Silas Krejci and Sofia Walter.

Silas Krejci has qualified for the Junior World Cup with his performance in the Bundesliga final.

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The 19-year-old Silas has already completed his last training before the competition. Despite the time difference, things are going well. "Everyone is fit", Polster confirms. Even if no top places should jump out in Canada, the young power tricorners can be very proud.

Committed to powerlifting

For the first time in the history of the Power Fit division of SC Oberölsbach, these two youngsters have managed to qualify for the Junior World Championships in powerlifting. In Regina they represent the German colors.

Since Monday, the competitions in Canada, "the mood among the nations is good," Marc Polster describes the situation on the ground. The athletes from all over the world are accommodated in the same hotel – pure World Cup feeling.

Middle of the night

For a whole week, the best youth and junior lifters in their age and weight classes will compete in powerlifting. This Wednesday, Silas Krejci will compete in the weight category up to 83 kilos.

On Thursday it's time for Sofia Walter iron. Both start at 17 o'clock local time, in Unterölsbach it is then in the middle of the night. For those who have stayed at home, thumbs-up starts at 1 o'clock (Wednesday to Thursday and Thursday to Friday), they can follow the events on the screen via livestream.

If you want to follow the competition, you can watch it live on the internet at

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