Between pumps and protests: The best pictures from the G7 summit


The US and the EU are starting the G7 summit with mutual threatening gestures. Shortly before leaving for Biarritz, US President Donald Trump announced punitive tariffs on French wine or other retaliation if the government in Paris were to stick to their plans for a digital tax. EU Council President Donald Tusk then responded with a response: "If the United States imposes tariffs on France, the European Union will respond," he said shortly before the summit in the French seaside resort on the Atlantic.

France's President Emmanuel Macron, however, tried to de-escalate. Tensions in the trade are "bad for all," he said in a televised speech. The summit of seven of the world's leading economies and the EU should begin with dinner in the evening. Apart from Macron and Trump, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of government from Great Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan are also taking part in the G7 summit. In addition, Tusk represents the EU.

Already in the early afternoon, Trump came surprisingly soon after his arrival with Macron. He gave himself conciliatory – in contrast to his departure statement. "We have a lot in common," Trump said on the terrace of the Hotel du Palais on Biarritz beach. Even if there are occasional differences, connect him a "special relationship" with Macron.

Biarritz rebuilt into a fortress

Meanwhile, 15,000 people have peacefully demonstrated against the summit of the major industrialized countries in Biarritz. "Everything went well," said Sébastien Bailleul of the co-organizer Alternatives G7 of the news agency DPA. There have been no riots. The news agency AFP reported that the authorities were speaking about 9,000 participants.

Dozens of groups, including anti-globalization opponents, called for the rally-sanctioned Hendaye rally on the Spanish border. The train ended in Irun, the Spanish neighbor of Hendaye.

The summit of the G7 in about 30 kilometers away Biarritz will last until Monday, the place is also located in the Spanish Basque Country. Biarritz was converted into a fortress, rallies are not allowed there. The top meeting is protected by more than 13,000 task forces. In Bayonne, the neighboring town of Biarritz, protests were feared.

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