Brazil / Amazon: Rainforest burns – NASA picture shows devastating extent


In Brazil and the Amazon, the heaviest forest fires have been raging for years. But the dry season has just begun. US stars call attention to the problem.

22:52: The terrible forest fires in the Amazon region in Brazil shake the whole world. The clouds of smoke even darken the sky in São Paulo, almost 2,000 kilometers away. Now, NASA released a picture from space showing the incredible extent of the fires. The satellite system Modis shows each burning piece of rain forest with a red dot. The fires rage not only in Brazil, but also in the neighboring states of Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.

Amazon: Rainforest burns – French President Macron wants to act now

22:28: French President Emmanuel Macron wants to put the massive forest fires in the Amazon region on the agenda of the G7 summit in Biarritz. "Our house is on fire. Literally, "wrote Macron on Thursday evening on Twitter for a photo of the burning rainforest. The fires were an international crisis, Macron said. He called on the leaders of the seven major industrialized nations to discuss "this emergency" as the first item at the Summit on Saturday.

Update from 22nd August, 17.05 clock: So far, only marginally reported on the forest fires in the Brazilian rainforest. As a result, many celebrities denounced the media and even made the problem known. The singer Camila Cabello posted a photo of the fire on Instagram and wrote: "This is heartbreaking and frightening … Out of sheer frustration I want to cry. What are we doing ?! We literally destroy the wonder of our homeland. I'm so sorry, Planet. "

Her colleague Ariana Grande also got into the criticism. She also posted a photo on Instagram and wrote: "If you are not from Brazil and have no idea what is going on here, it looks like the world's largest rainforest is burning, it's already the 16th day. And the media does not give a damn about it. #PrayForAmazonia. "

Other stars like Noah Cyrus, Jaden Smith and John Cusack also drew attention to the fires.

Devastating fires raging in the Brazilian Amazon: President accuses environmentalists

First notification of 22 August 2019: São Paulo – In Brazil, the heaviest forest fires have raged for years. Since January, the fires and slash and burn in South America's largest country have increased by 83 percent compared to the same period last year, as the newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" reported on Wednesday. A total of 72 843 fires were registered. In most cases, privately owned land is affected, but also in nature reserves and indigenous lands it burns again and again.

Fires raging in the Amazon: dry season just started

In São Paulo, nearly 2,000 kilometers from the fires, the sky darkened in the middle of the day. People living in the metropolis reported black rain. Research from two universities confirmed that rainwater contains fire debris, the news portal G1 reported.

For Brazil's President Bolsonaro, the trigger for the devastating fires is already set. He accuses environmental protection organizations of laying fires themselves. Bolsonaro accuses the organizations of having put the fires for attention and revenge, as the Brazilian daily "Folha de São Paulo" reports.

"It could be a criminal act by these NGOs to draw attention to me and the Brazilian government, which is the war we face," the daily quotes the president citing the Brazilian press.

A satellite image shows several fires over the Amazon.

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Most fires were last reported in the state of Mato Grosso in the south of the Amazon. Extinguishing is difficult, as there are only a few roads in the region and therefore the forces have to move with boats on rivers. In addition, there are underground fires that remain undetected for a long time. "We do our best," said Environment Minister Ricardo Salles. "There are more fires at the moment because it was very dry at the end."

In fact, the dry season in the region has just begun. In August and September, below-average rainfall is expected in the Amazon. "These are not exactly reassuring prospects," said Albania Setzer, Infoamazonia portal's fire observation co-ordinator of the National Space Agency INPE.

A violent fire raged in recent days on Gran Canaria. Meanwhile, the authorities give the all-clear, even if the danger seems not yet completely banned.


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