Business Insider: Ex-Daimler CEO Zetsche works for Aldi and Apple is working on a new version of the Airpods


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23.8. 16:46: He was one of the richest and most influential people in the world – US billionaire David Koch has died
The billionaire industrialist and conservative financier David Koch has died, as confirmed by his brother Charles Koch. Koch was 79 years old. The two brothers donated billions, and …
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23.8. 14:52: Why a trade war with Europe would be even riskier for the US than with China
In addition to the trade conflict with China threatens US President Donald Trump and the EU with punitive tariffs. An escalation with the European Union could cost the US, however, expensive …
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23.8. 14:28: Threatening economic downturn: With what stocks you can defy the crisis
International trade conflicts burden German industry, which is heavily dependent on exports. Even the Bundesbank warns that the economy in Germany "also …
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23.8. 14:07: 6 clever tricks that Amazon teenagers want to tie to the Prime subscription
The online mail order company Amazon has set itself the task of attracting young buyers for its retail system and its streaming services. The tech giant for …
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23.8. 13:33: A tough Brexit could hit global air traffic hard
Ever since the resignation of Theresa May as Prime Minister, the hard Brexit floats like a sword of Damocles over the United Kingdom and the European …
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23.8. 11:02: The 20 companies with the best work-life balance
There are many factors that make people choose their new job. In addition to a good pay, sufficient career opportunities and a pleasant working environment, the …
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23.8. 11:01: Discounter instead of Nobel cars: former Daimler CEO Zetsche will work for Aldi in the future
Dieter Zetsche is not thinking about retirement at the age of 66. The ex-Daimler boss moves into another advisory board and works in future for the discounter Aldi Süd, reports the & bdquo …
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23.8. 10:54: Fight against Apple, Alibaba and Co .: EU Commission to plan a 100 billion pot for companies
The European Commission wants to set up a 100-billion-euro pot, the "European champions" in competition with their American and Asian rivals such as G …
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23.8. 09:51: Apple is working on a new version of the Airpods – with a decisive change
Apple is apparently working on an improved version of the Airpods, as Bloomberg reports. It would be the first true update since the launch of the Airpods in December 2016. It is expected that …
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23.8. 09:46: Thieves steal a 100,000-euro Tesla in just 30 seconds -ADAC warns against keyless systems
In London, two thieves stole a 100,000-euro Tesla in just a few seconds.With technical equipment for only 100 euros they cracked the keyless door system.
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