Edeka and Netto are testing new packaging


Edeka and Netto customers will soon discover something new on the packaging: the Grocers are testing different models Nutrition labeling. You should pay attention to these products.

In the debate on the best nutritional labeling for food starts Edeka a separate test series. From the end of August, selected products from the private label range would be awarded one of three graphics, the supermarket chain said. After about three months then taken stock, to what extent the labels affect purchasing behavior. The discount subsidiary Netto also participates in the test run.

Three nutritional logos in the test

Consumers will find these labels on the packaging in the future:

  • Nutri score (also Nährwertampel), which is already used in several EU states
  • "Guide to nutrition" in honeycomb optics, which was developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Model of the industry association of the food industry with several pie charts

It is "three of the most talked about models," said Edeka.

The labels are printed on "particularly popular and high-selling items", as Edeka further communicated. Among them were "aware of ready meals and snacks". Paprika chips, tuna pizza and chicken fricassee as well as cooked ham and chocolates were among the selected items.

Edeka wants to investigate the impact on buying behavior

Edeka emphasized that the introduction of simplified nutrition labeling on the front side of food packaging should be welcomed. "In order to realistically evaluate the potential benefits and acceptance of such a system, however, it is important to include authentic experiences from the consumer's lifeworld." This should also serve the own test run.

It is the first investigation of this kind "under real conditions". Edeka wants to observe the buying behavior and a possible change as well as analyze the sales figures of all products in the test.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is currently asking consumers what nutrition labeling is most useful to them. Four models are available. The one with the largest approval will be introduced later, but on a voluntary basis.

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