From America to Lower Bavaria: Mormons on Alpine Mission in Landshut – City Landshut


Many young people after their graduation make a voluntary social year, "Work and Travel" or go as an au pair in a host family. Not so Jacob Gates and Dawson Stratton from the USA. The two 19-year-olds are members of the Mormons and use the time after high school to proselytize in Europe. Currently they are traveling in Landshut.

Every day, Jacob Gates and Dawson Stratton walk the city and talk to people to share their beliefs. The "Alpine Mission" is the name of their project. The two believers can be recognized by their white shirts and ties as well as their black name badges, which they always have to carry when they leave the house. "Elder," the Elder, stands there instead of her first name. That will be her name for the next two years. "I almost forgot my real name," says Jacob Gates. He is from Utah, colleague Dawson Stratton from Las Vegas. Gates has been in Landshut for five months. German, he speaks almost fluently. In a six-week course he learned the first words in the US, the rest he taught himself on the spot. "That's important because we talk to so many people here," he says.

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