Gerhard Berger on speculation about the withdrawal of Sebastian Vettel: "Trust him"


Updated on August 26, 2019, 07:29

Will Sebastian Vettel finish his Formula One career? Ex-Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger considers this step of the Heppenheimers not excluded: "I trust him already."

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The former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger does not consider a premature withdrawal of Sebastian Vettel (32) from Formula 1 impossible.

"I can trust him because Sebastian is a very intelligent guy, he certainly has a lot of topics that he would like to tackle in his life, he is very family, he has children, he earns a lot of money, he needs money So no more and he is also very frugal with himself. His heart hangs next to his family very much on his old motorcycles and old cars, "said Berger the German Press Agency on the occasion of his 60th birthday on Tuesday.

Signs for Vettel's farewell multiply

In recent months, was repeatedly speculated about a possible departure Vettel from Formula 1 at the end of this year. The four-time world champion, who is bound by the end of 2020, should also miss the title in his fifth season at Ferrari. A retreat or a team change is for him but "not an option," said Vettel at the Germany race in late July.

"I can well imagine that when he gets up one morning and says I'm getting on my nerves, I'm doing something else or driving cars that are more fun than under such complex rules as currently, "said Berger. "It's not like he's not good for surprises."

"Cope with this situation is not easy for Sebastian"

Berger was co-owner of the Toro Rosso team when Vettel sensationally won his first Formula One race in Monza in 2008. At Ferrari, the Heppenheimer has since this season with the Monegassen Charles Leclerc a young strong stable rivals.

"Cope with this situation is not easy for Sebastian, he is running out of time, Sebastian is not bringing his team sufficiently," said Berger. "He's a little bit different from Michael (Schumacher), who was much stricter with the team and steered more, which is not a reproach to Sebastian, who is very hardworking and very clever, but that's not his nature it's the management's duty to make the team work. " (Mgb / dpa)

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