Incidents at fan march – Police officer delivers several warning shots before Match YB-Belgrade – News


Incidents at fan march – policeman delivers several warning shots before Match YB-Belgrade – News – SRF

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  • Violence has overshadowed the fan march of fans of Red Star Belgrade in Bern.
  • Several people were physically attacked in the area of ​​the drug contact Hodlerstrasse in front of the Lorraine Bridge. A police officer fired several warning shots.
  • A short time later, a person injured on the Lorraine bridge. The backgrounds are unclear. The ambulance was mobilized, investigations were underway.

In the Lorraine quarter Serbian fans also threw several full beer cans against a well-stocked garden pickle. Apparently, homophobic fans were bothered by a LGBT flag at the house.

Shortly before 19 o'clock the fan march was over. The fans poured into the stadium, which is completely sold out. Berne's Young Boys and Red Star Belgrade are competing to enter the group stage of the Football Champions League. The first leg will be played today in Bern, the second leg will follow next Tuesday in Belgrade.

SRF 4 News, 21:00; SDA / rehr; blur

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