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  • Italian Prime Minister Conte comments on the government crisis on Tuesday afternoon and is likely to resign.
  • For the future government, former European Commission President Prodi proposes an alliance called "Maggioranza Orsola", majority Ursula.
  • The alliance seeks to prevent further participation of the ultra-rightist Lega and consist of all those who voted in the European Parliament a few weeks ago in the European Parliament for Ursula von der Leyen: Cinque Stelle, Partito Democratico and Forza Italia.

Orsola is not a very common Italian first name. It is even possible that many Italians know the German equivalent Ursula better. If the name is on everyone's lips during the decision-making phase of the Roman government crisis, in heated political activity as well as in the media circus, then it has something to do with Ursula von der Leyen, at least indirectly. "Ursula" – that sounds like the slogan for the future of the country.

Romano Prodi, 80 years old, a kind of over-father of the left-liberal to Christian-social camp, Centrosinistra, has taken care of this. In Italy, they call the former premier and predecessor of Leyens at the Brussels Commission summit "professors". Not only because he once lectured, but because he is a set, wise man with no urge for the stage. This sharpens his reputation significantly. So Prodi has in the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero He wrote an opinion article in which he advised his party colleagues from the Social Democratic Party Democratico to form a permanent coalition with the Cinque Stelle, which would then be cast in a clearly formulated and well-debated government program.

Reader's discussion Italy: Which path leads out of the government crisis?

Italy: Which path leads out of the government crisis?

Italy's Lega chief and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to force new elections. But the coup could fail – in Parliament forms a possible coalition of five stars and Social Democrats.

The possible alliance he called "Maggioranza Orsola", majority Ursula. Participating in this alliance are all those Italian parties that had voted in the European Parliament a few weeks ago for the German Christian Democrat: Five Stars, Partito Democratico and Forza Italia. The fact that the latter should also belong, in this context, of course spicy: Prodi has measured half a politician life with Silvio Berlusconi and its bourgeois Forza Italia. He was the only left man to beat Berlusconi twice.

The main thing now is to prevent the nationalist Lega boss Matteo Salvini

But now it is about the prevention of Matteo Salvini, the still-officiating Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister of Italy from the ultra-right, foreign and anti-European Lega. He triggered the government crisis with his break with the Cinque Stelle. He hoped for immediate elections and "full powers." Now it looks like missrate the plan. Salvini could end up in opposition instead.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will explain his point of view this Tuesday afternoon in the Senate, and then probably submit his resignation to the President before the vote of no confidence. After weeks of speculation and maneuvering, the crisis would be officially opened. What happens after that depends primarily on head of state Sergio Mattarella.

He could, purely theoretically, dissolve the parliamentary chambers and start new elections. But more likely, he leaves Conte in office as executive prime minister. In the meantime, Mattarella's consultations with the parties begin. If an alternative majority were to be found in parliament, such as "majority Ursula", then they would come to the government. You can say a lot of bad things about Berlusconi, but at least he is a convinced European. For an operational participation in any "Ursula government", including ministers, it would probably not come anyway. The Cinque Stelle would be wild against it, many Social Democrats as well. But Berlusconi could at the opportune moment with a abstention at birth "Ursulas" help and thus harm Salvini, his rival in the right. The old patron has never tolerated the complacency of the riser.

The discussion about a "Ursula government" is also possible because the Five Stars have rejected the return request of the trustee. Salvini had tried over the weekend to repair the disarray with indecent offers of posts and sudden confessions at the last minute. For some stars, the confusion triggered, as can happen in a freshly disappointed love.

But then came Beppe Grillo, founder and guru of the party. He invited the top representatives of his movement in his holiday home in the Tuscan Marina di Bibbona, then there was a communiqué, which was drawn by all. Salvini was after the "stab in the back" no longer reliable partner. "He pulled the plug between a mojito and a leap into the sea," the stars write. The "blamable backslide" in the past few days only reinforce their opinion.

Meanwhile, Matteo Salvini rehearses the communication strategy for the coming weeks, the premiere took place in the also Tuscan Marina di Pietrasanta. Me against all – that's the pattern. The Italians should understand that he does not cling to posts and seats, but only his opponents. That he did not cheat the people with his abrupt coalition break, but the five stars, who now negotiate with the left. And that after him threatened an "invasion" of migrants. But the thought games about "Ursula" made Salvini possible, he alone.

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Salvini got lost

The Minister of the Interior wanted all the power, now it could be that he loses power altogether: In parliament, a block is formed, which could banish the Lega chief in the opposition.From Oliver Meiler

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