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Wed, 21st August 2019 at 19:31

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                                Fritz Keller faces the questions of amateur representatives and professional clubs. Both camps of German football announce the boss of the SC Freiburg after the confidence.



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                    The choice of Fritz Keller as President of the German Football Association is no longer in the way. The 62-year-old club boss of the SC Freiburg secured on Wednesday in two rounds of introductions in Berlin Edelhotels both the trust of the influential amateur base and the professional clubs. &quot;With Fritz Keller, we have found the ideal candidate and are very pleased that he wants to take on the task with all our support,&quot; said DFB Vice Rainer Koch, who is looking for himself at FIFA and UEFA. &quot;He embodies groundiness, integrity, credibility.&quot;<br/>                                

"I am very pleased about the support and thank you for the confidence that I have received from amateur and professional football." Fritz Keller

The German Football League, which on Wednesday approved its own structural reform and adopted its President Reinhard Rauball, had Christian Seifert, the new spokesman of the Prsidiums, align: "The DFL is fully behind Fritz Keller and his program, he lives for the Football and is an exceptional personality that stands for independence and credibility. "Kellers Kr will take place at the DFB Bundestag on 27 September in Frankfurt. "I am very pleased about the support and thank you for the confidence that I have received from the amateur and the professional football", the presidential candidate, who will follow the retired Reinhard Grindel, even quoted in a DFL release. He has spoken in recent discussions appreciation and the will to change something.

"He left a very good impression"

In the morning, the Kaisersthler restaurateur and winegrower first made representations at the conference of regional and state associations. The 62-year-old had arrived at the hotel on Berlin's Ltzowufer with a rucksack over his shoulder. "He left a very good impression," said Bernd Schultz, the president of the Berlin Football Association (BFV) following the multi-session. "There were many questions," said Erwin Bugar, president of the Northeast German Football Association. But Keller gave the impression "that he will cope with the upcoming tasks".

For the time being, only the Schsische Verband refused Keller's approval – officially because its President Hermann Winkler is on vacation. Winkler had previously been the only function criticism of the selection process for the candidate Keller and especially at the early announcement date. Some DFB national associations approved the proposal Fritz Keller with reference to internal meetings under reserve.Kellers performance at the professional clubs in the DFL General Assembly lasted, however, barely more than 20 minutes. For the Freiburg, whose club is one of the most popular in the league, this was a home game. "The personnel realignment is a first important step to lead the DFB into a successful future," said Seifert. "The DFL is also ready in the future, in the sense of constructive cooperation of professionals and amateurs." More on the subject:

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