Merkel lets Trump talk at the G-7 summit in Biarritz


AWhen Chancellor Angela Merkel and the US President stepped in front of the press together at the G-7 summit in Biarritz on Monday, Angela Merkel did not say much, but her facial expressions spoke volumes. While Donald Trump continued his charm offensive in Biarritz – great summit, great woman, great trade talks, everything was great – Merkel kept quiet for long stretches and made her typical Trump face: half amused, half tortured.

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Only in one place did she speak energetically: when Trump was asked if he was not sorry, that soon the only woman in the group of heads of state and government of the seven leading industrial countries would not be there, if there was not women's promotion had to do something else, Merkel shouted: "I'm still here." Trump's reaction: Merkel is "a brilliant woman".

"I have German in my blood"

The conversation had been eagerly awaited. Trump had spoken to host Emmanuel Macron on the first day of the summit, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday morning. Trump held out the prospect of a "very large" trade agreement with Britain, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe even presenting an almost finished agreement. Only Germany played these days on the French Atlantic coast at most a supporting role.

When Merkel campaigned in the German press conference for the EU and the United States to sign a trade agreement, Trump said, "That does not sound good." When he heard the translation into American, he corrected himself: Of course he wanted that , "A good deal for everyone". And come to Berlin, he wanted to, too, maybe soon. Merkel then made it clear that it does not fail her. "I've already invited the president many times." Trump said he was honored. "We will come. I have German in my blood. "(" I have German in my blood. ")

The meeting was scheduled for Monday morning, but was postponed until late in the morning. Trump started the day by announcing that China wanted to talk to him again about a trade deal and that this is great news for the world. The day before, the schedule had been confused by the surprise visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif. Macron had briefly invited Zarif to continue negotiations to rescue the nuclear deal with Iran, which had begun in Paris on Friday. For two and a half hours, Biarritz's town hall first met with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and later for 30 minutes with Macron in person with the Tehran emissary.

Trump: Iran must renounce terrorism

Merkel welcomed Zarif's visit that it was "absolutely right to explore every possibility to defuse the nuclear dispute". Iran is suffering from sanctions. The Federal Chancellor sent her adviser Jan Hecker to the negotiations, and the British Prime Minister sent his Sherpa.

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