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During a race weekend MotoGP star Valentino Rossi will conduct a series of interviews. For the 40-year-old, it has become a kind of routine. Mostly it's about his feeling on the bike, his prognosis for the race and finally his own performance.

Rossi rarely gets private privacy out of it. It was different in an interview that he recently conducted with the Italian radio station Radio Rai. As open as ever, the nine-time world champion spoke about his life away from the race track, his native Italy and his desire for children.

The 40-year-old rides his 24th season in the Motorcycle World Championship this year. Not only he, but also the professional and social environment have changed. "In the past, there was more ease, in general, both in sport and in life," says Rossi. "What has changed so much is that we are always live now."

MotoGP then and now: Social media has changed a lot

"It's really hard to be in one place now and not tell anyone, because you take a picture and it lands on social media, you make a video and everyone knows where you are right away, that's something I do not I like privacy, I like to do things without telling anyone, "says Rossi.

But as a person who is often recognized and hogged by fans, it's all the harder these days: "You can not make mistakes like not signing a child because it's instant live, so life has changed so much. "

This is also true for his dealings with journalists. "When I was young, I often got mad at journalists," Rossi admits. "Now that I've understood a bit how it works, that's less the case, but especially on race day, interviewing me is one of the most boring things."

Family planning: That's what Rossi wants for his children

But it's part of the sport that Rossi has sacrificed over the course of his long career. So starting a family was often behind. The 40-year-old says: "I would like to have children and I think that if all goes well, I will get some."

"I take a little more time, because I think it's hard to reconcile this life with a father's, but I'm very optimistic, you have to find the right woman, I have a fantastic girlfriend, maybe I do she already found. "

Graziano Rossi

Rossi's father Graziano and girlfriend Francesca are often at his side

Photo: LAT

One day it will happen, Rossi is sure and has clear ideas: "I want her to look like my mother, because I look very much like her, my dad is also fantastic and taught me a lot of things, but he did is an extreme character in many ways, but Stefi is more malleable. "

"Italy is fantastic": Rossi's love of the country continues unabated

"My mother's character would be perfect, and then the blue eyes, it's my mother who gave me and my brother blue eyes, it's her gene," Rossi continues. His half-brother Luca Marini is also a Moto2 rider in the Motorcycle World Championship at the start.

Often both train together with friends and colleagues on Rossi's own ranch in Tavullia. Unlike many of his MotoGP rivals, who now live in Switzerland or Andorra, he has remained faithful to his native Italy over the years and does not want to change that.

"Italy is fantastic," enthuses the 40-year-old. "I've traveled all over the world and would not trade it for anything, either the area or the food, the girls are beautiful and in general it's great, in my opinion we can be even better, but we have style and others often a little jealous. "

And what would Rossi do if he could play God for a day? "Difficult question, I would try to put our planet back together, I would zero all the damage we did to make life five, six or seven hundred thousand years more."

With footage of LAT.

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