New coworking space at Vienna Airport with exciting pricing


At the Vienna airport in Schwechat opens in early September, a new coworking space. The AirportCity Space offers 40 workplaces and three meeting rooms on 700 square meters – and of course the perfect connection for international business trips. It's not just the location that sets the new space apart from the mass of co-working providers, but also the unusual pricing model.

"Pay what you want"

The use will be free in September, followed by the principle "pay what you want" until December. The learnings from this phase then flow into the final pricing. How much has to be paid for the use of the AirportCity Space is determined together with the community on the basis of the average at the voluntary payment phase in coordination with the maintenance costs. On 4 September, the new space can be visited from 9 am to 1 pm as part of an open-door day.

"With the new AirportCity Space, we want to establish a real Communty location: companies from the location as well as freelancers from the region or start-ups can meet, work together and find new opportunities together. In any case, we will actively support this networking and promote the community with appropriate formats and events. The AirportCity is an ideal location for young and established business – perfect location, ideal infrastructure and a lot of potential partners, "says Joubin Pour, the manager of Spaces.

Plug and Play: Renowned Accelerator as a tenant

The new co-working space at the airport is designed to attract freelancers and companies from the region and offer companies a "breakout" for workshops, seminars or events. The offer is also exciting for start-ups, as one of the earliest tenants is one of the world's most famous accelerators, Plug and Play (Trending Topics reported). The accelerator at the Vienna Schwechat location focuses on the verticals "Smart Cities" and "Travel & Hospitality".

+++ Vienna Airport cooperates with Startup-Schmiede Plug and Play +++

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