Porsche Type 64: Sotheby's Auctioneer auctioned auction


California –

More than 18 million euros should bring in the auction of the last original Porsche. The car world spotted on Saturday at the auction of the renowned auction house Sotheby's at the Monterey Car Week in California. But it came to a scandal and after an incomparable stage breakdown, the auction was finally canceled.

He is still to have, the last Porsche Type 64, built in 1939 – the first car ever, which bore the Porsche logo of the traditional car manufacturer and thus the legend of the sports car of the extra class as no other car justified.

porsche 64 auction
Doors closed again: the Porsche Type 64 is still available.

On the Porsche itself, it was not clear why the auction was bursting. The collector scene was mesmerized by the event. But already at the beginning of the bidding phase, a chaos broke out, which probably nobody had expected and with which nobody could have expected.

Sotheby's auctioneer commits embarrassing mistake at Porsche auction

The first glitch was a pretty embarrassing display error. The auctioneer of the most famous auction house in the world announced the launch bid over 13 million dollars – however, the screen displayed in the background $ 30 million. A stupid mistake that might happen to Sotheby's, you might say. But it went on like this. The next bid was 40 instead of 14 million, then 15 instead of 50 and so on. Up to $ 70 million.

Finally, the auctioneer still noticed the error and had it corrected, so that then still the last, currently highest bid for 17 million dollars was displayed. But in the audience, the unnecessary glitch did not work well at all. Boos and whistles were loud.

Porsche Type 64 is not sold despite valid bid

The fact that the historic Porsche Type 64 was still not sold despite the valid bid for 17 million, but was due to the second glitch. Because the bid was below the minimum price, which had set the owner.

Criticism of judgment: Raser scrapes Porsche and now also gets money for it (read here)

At auctions, it is not uncommon for a minimum price to be set by the seller. This will not always be announced in advance. If this amount, as in this case, not outbid, the purchase does not come off.

The outcry and indignation following the bankruptcy is great. Also speculation about how the prestigious auction house could happen something, were loud.

Meanwhile, Sotheby's pointed out that it might have been a joke. "Rather, it's an unfortunate misunderstanding, compounded by the excitement in the room," Sotheby's said in a statement. (Jv)

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