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Renault thanks Ocon indirectly for "patience"

As already mentioned: Esteban Ocon comes with "delay" to Renault. The fact that he intrudes on understanding, he is credited by team boss Cyril Abiteboul high.

"During his Formula 1 career, Esteban got to know the ups and downs of the sport and understood the need to take every opportunity," said Abiteboul, referring to Renault's decision not to hire Ocon in 2018, but Ricciardo to the team pick up.

For 2020, however, Ocon should also make its contribution. "He is very professional, on and off the track," explains Abiteboul. "And his experience as a test driver in the current world champion team is a valuable addition to the development of our entire team."


One year late …

Do you remember the summer of 2018? Esteban Ocon was less euphoric. Because he was actually intended as a Renault driver for 2019, but lost the cockpit at the last second to Daniel Ricciardo, his new teammate.

Because Renault could get the ex-Red Bull driver Ricciardo, Ocon was dropped at short notice. But by 2020, both Renault's preferred candidates are "finally" together for the team.

And what do you think: who is the stronger driver, Ocon or Ricciardo? Write me on Twitter via @stefan_ehlen and you will show up with your opinion here in our live ticker! I look forward to the opinion of our readers!

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"I am back!"

After a year as a test driver without a racing cockpit, Esteban Ocon proudly announces: "I'm back!"

And here you get a first taste of how Ocon will do in the Renault racing suit!

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Team boss thanks Hülkenberg

Cyril Abiteboul says the departure of Nico Hulkenberg is not easy for Renault. Hülkenberg had joined the team in a "phenomenal way" and contributed "tremendously" to the development of the racing team. "When Nico decided to join us, the team was in ninth place (in the Constructors' Championship) and it took us to fourth place," said Abiteboul.

He describes the decision for Esteban Ocon and Nico Hulkenberg as "difficult" and explains it this way: "Nico was a mainstay of our progress."

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Confirmed: Hulkenberg is out at Renault!

No more space for Nico Hülkenberg at Renault: The French factory team has as expected committed Esteban Ocon. Ocon will be racing alongside Daniel Ricciardo for Renault in Formula 1 from 2020 – and Hülkenberg will have to look for another team if he wants to stay in the Grand Prix scene.

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Hülkenberg's Formula 1 career

What's next for Nico Hulkenberg in Formula 1? That's the big question we're facing before the announced Renault announcement. Because Hülkenberg is facing the end at Renault. He has been driving there since 2016, but without achieving the hoped-for first podium finish of his career.

For which three other teams Hülkenberg drove before his Renault time, you will find out in our Formula 1 database. There you can also see detailed statistics about Hulkenberg. For example, when and where he scored his only pole position or his best ever World Cup ranking!

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Riders and teams of the season 2020

As soon as the summer break is over, something is already happening in the driver's market of Formula One: Only the announcement of Mercedes in the morning, now follows Renault with its own announcement.

And it will not be the last announcement for the 2020 season. There are still some cockpits not fixed permanently. If you can figure out opportunities, who is already sure about it in the coming year and what the current rumors look like, you will find out here!

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Renault before driver announcement for 2020

my colleague Khodr Rawi has just learned in the Formula 1 paddock in Spa that Renault is planning a driver's announcement at 14 o'clock. According to him, the obligation of Esteban Ocon should be made public. Ocon, most recently a Mercedes Junior, has been promoted for years by Renault.

The Ocon contract at Renault would mean that Nico Hulkenberg must go cockpit search. Because only Daniel Ricciardo has a contract with Renault beyond 2019. More information can be found in our overview for riders and teams 2020!

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Albon in red bull look

And that's the look of Alexander Albon. For him, Spa is the big premiere in the A team of Red Bull!

How did that happen? You can read this here!

Alexander Albon ~ Alexander Albon (Red Bull) ~

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First photos: Gasly at Toro Rosso

It is a comeback of a different kind: Pierre Gasly is back at Toro Rosso and is back in Belgium for the first time since 2018 for the team that brought him to Formula One. Because he has lost his Red Bull cockpit to Alexander Albon, who is for the first time teammate of Max Verstappen in Spa.

Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda F1 ~ Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) ~

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Why McLaren has changed his livery

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl has my colleague Jonathan Noble Explains what the new color design at the MCL34 is all about: "We all got a new haircut during the summer break and the same goes for the car."

Why are the logos of tobacco sponsor British American Tobacco (BAT) missing at the Belgian Grand Prix? Quite simply: In countries where particularly strict tobacco advertising bans apply, BAT does not use its advertising space on McLaren vehicles. That's why, for example in Spa, other logos can be seen on the cars.

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The backgrounds to Haas / Rich Energy

If you forgot a bit during the summer break, what Haas and Rich Energy are about and why, then I'd like to take another look at this report from a few weeks ago, in which you'll find all the essential facts – and the curious story of the Twitter "guerrilla warfare" by and with former CEO William Storey …

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Rich Energy: Sponsorship decision coming soon

Speaking of Haas: In the sponsor dispute with title partner Rich Energy, an agreement seems to be in sight. Team boss Günther Steiner said after the summer break that the logos of the Energydrink group would remain on the cars for now, a final decision will be made "next week or so", "to Monza", as Steiner adds.

The ball is now at Rich Energy, said Steiner. "You have to decide if you want to leave, not us, it's your decision, I can not say anything, I have enough to do anyway, and I do not need the problems of other people."

But he is good hope, Steiner said, to be able to prevent further PR fiasco. "The situation has calmed down," he explains. Now it's about closing the chapter "neat and respectful".

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Haas confirms interest in Hülkenberg

What if Esteban Ocon (after all) changes to Renault? Then Nico Hulkenberg suddenly stands without a cockpit. But the German has opportunities to remain in Formula 1. According to Haas team principal Günther Steiner, Hülkenberg is one of three candidates for a runway 2020 in the US team. With whom he has to fight for this cockpit? Ocon and Romain Grosjean. The latter is currently driving for Haas and is not set for next year, as team boss Steiner explains.

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Driver 2020: And who stays on the track?

The confirmation of Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes was only the beginning. For now everything could go very fast: Esteban Ocon, Sergio Perez and Nico Hülkenberg could join new teams for 2020, and for Romain Grosjean it will be very close …

You can find out more in our current overview of the Formula 1 season 2020, in which we present confirmed and possible constellations!

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Mercedes 2020: Bottas remains

Mercedes has opened the race weekend in Belgium with the message that Valtteri Bottas will sit in the Silver Arrow again in 2020. Details and the reasoning of sports director Toto Wolff you read in this report!

What effect the renewal of the contract with Bottas has on the driver market 2020, you can understand in our driver team overview for the new season!

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