Theo & Katja Albrecht: Marriage failed! Mrs. Aldi has fallen in love again


Theo Albrecht Jr. is a co-owner of Aldi Nord and is one of the ten richest Germans. The marriage with his wife Katja has failed, knows BUNTE exclusively. There is no Rose War, although she already has a child with her new one.

Aldi is happening a lot. Never before in the history of the company (founded in 1913, the separation into Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd took place in 1961), the popular company and the owner families Heister (South) and Albrecht (North) brought so exciting headlines, as has been the case for months. The corporations are the most successful discounters worldwide, statistically, almost every adult German purchases there every week.

Currently, Theo and Babette Albrecht are building a new company headquarters in Essen, 100,000 square meters, offices for 800 employees, fitness pavilion, day-care center. Theo and Babette, widow of his brother Berthold Albrecht, who died in 2012, live in a beautiful estate in Essen. There, the warm Babette experienced a nightmare in early August: Unknown people had broken into her, stole jewelry in the millions (BUNTE reported). Theo spent the summer vacation on Sylt. He owns a big house there and is regularly seen eating at the golf club. He is one of the ten richest Germans. On the list of "Manager Magazin" (as of October 2018) the assets of the family Theo Albrecht jr. and Babette Albrecht with approximately 17.5 billion euros.

And yet the recent past shows that money does not protect against problems that less affluent people experience day after day. The fine company of a city in North Rhine-Westphalia has been whispering for some time about the marriage-off of Theo and his wife Katja Albrecht, 47. BUNTE exclusively knows that the woman who likes to wear designer clothing (Chanel, Hermès) is with another man lives together. It is Karim T. (name changed by the editor), born in Kabul / Afghanistan, 31, who once worked in a cell phone shop in Essen. Meanwhile, he takes care of the real estate of his partner.

The whole story can be read in the current BUNTE magazine 36/2019 – available from 29th August in the trade.


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