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According to a report, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is interested in involving the company in Tesla. In the future, this will rely heavily on battery-powered cars and has been swarming behind the scenes for a long time with the expertise of the US electric car maker Manager Magazine, Only a few hours after the article was published, Volkswagen denied.

"The speculation of Manager Magazine to a stake in Tesla is baseless, "said a Volkswagen spokesman for the news agency Reuters With. The business magazine wrote that the Volkswagen boss wanted to benefit from Tesla's battery and, above all, software know-how. "He would jump in immediately if he could," one of his top managers is quoted as saying. The financial resources were available, at first it could only go to an investment. However, the approval of the major shareholders, the Porsche and Piëch families, could be challenging.

Tesla has spent a lot of money for years on technology, production and expansion. Due to the lead of modern electric cars, investors have long suffered high losses for Californians. However, the pressure for profits is growing as the competition increasingly catching up. Tesla is still considered the industry leader, but the German manufacturers are determined to conquer the electric car market in a few years – especially the Volkswagen brands. The same goal is pursued by numerous well-funded Chinese and US manufacturers.

Already in the last year rumors came up after which Volkswagen is interested in Tesla. Musk had temporarily considered removing the company from the stock market. Volkswagen should have been interested in a partnership in the event of a stock market retreat. Musk had rejected the offer, however, as it would have allowed the car company to have great influence on Tesla.

Even Apple, whose own car plans were not crowned with success, should have interest in Tesla. Besides battery expert Panasonic, Musk does not yet accept close external partners or even buyers. He also wants to continue controlling the day-to-day business himself. Many people can not imagine that the successful serial entrepreneur will hand over sole control of Tesla in the foreseeable future. But if someone convinced him and could cope with him, "then Herbert Diess," said a VW man to the Manager Magazine,

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