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After the fatal accident on Friday evening, on Monday afternoon, the indications that the driver of the accident car should have had an epileptic seep are thickening. This was the Tagesspiegel from police circles. Shortly before the trip, the man should have taken a drug. That is what the passenger, the mother of the accident driver, told the police.

Officially, this information could neither prosecutor nor police confirm on Monday afternoon. Police chief Barbara Slowik said at the edge of the Interior Committee, "We still definitely do not exclude medical reasons."

In the accident on Invalidenstraße four people died on Friday evening. Already on Saturday, the police informed Berlin that they were looking for evidence that a medical emergency was the cause of the accident. Shortly after the accident rumors circulated that the driver could have suffered a heart attack. The passenger, the driver's 67-year-old mother, reported to the traffic accident team immediately after the accident that her son had had a leg cramp and therefore pushed the accelerator pedal.

Currently the evidence is being evaluated

All that is certain is that the man drove at too high a speed. Therefore, the software data of the Porsche SUV are currently being evaluated. Since 2014, new cars have been storing the last five seconds before an impact, including: wheel speed and the position of the accelerator and brake pedals. also often Navi data for tempo determination.

The accident

According to previous findings, the Porsche SUV was still just before the accident, about 90 meters from the scene of the accident, in front of the window of a delicatessen in Invalidenstraße. From there, the 42-year-old driver then drove past the car waiting on the Invalidenstraße at a clearly overspeed on the left, the pedestrian lights at the intersection Invalidenstraße and Ackerstaße had previously shown red. This also proves a video, which was filmed from the dashboard of a taxi and the police present, it is currently being evaluated together with other information.

Why did the driver overtake?

It is unclear why the driver drove by the car queue and then headed for the sidewalk. Witnesses said in conversation with the Tagesspiegel that the Porsche driver had tried at the intersection to avoid a car or pedestrian. The video does not support this perception, but rather to see how the car already pulls to the left in front of the traffic light when passing the cars and drives directly to the corner of the sidewalk. At this time, however, the brake lights of the car light up briefly. Skid marks were not visible on the day after the accident on the asphalt of the intersection. However, this is rarely the case with modern antilock braking systems anyway.

The Porsche bounces on Friday evening against the traffic light post of the pedestrian crossing and several metal posts and rushes into the standing there people group. Only when the car had broken through the fence of an adjacent green space, he came with the front bumper to the road to a halt.

Four people were killed by the car

Two men, aged 28 and 29, a 64-year-old woman, and a three-year-old boy were killed by the approaching vehicle. Five other people were sometimes seriously injured. The wife and the little boy should have been grandmothers and grandchildren.

In addition to the driver, a 42-year-old man from Dusseldorf, the accident car itself contained a 67-year-old co-driver, who was the driver's mother. In the back seat sat the driver's six-year-old daughter. The driver had to be excised from the accident car and was taken to hospital after being seriously injured, the passenger and the child were able to leave the accident car themselves and were only treated for observation in a hospital. (with dpa)

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