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AfD: When Alice Weidel says this phrase, the whole Bundestag laughs

AFD Group Leader Alice Weidel: "The crisis is already here."
AFD Group Leader Alice Weidel: "The crisis is already here."
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It is a real slugfest: At 9 clock began on Wednesday morning, the general debate in the Bundestag on the recently presented budget of the Federal Government.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) plans accordingly for 2020 with expenditure of nearly 360 billion euros. That is around 3.4 billion more than in the current year.

AfD chief editor Alice Weidel: "The crisis is already here"

The famous black zero is again the goal, as Olaf Scholz wants to hold on to – despite a weakening economy and lower tax revenues.

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Since 2014, the government actually manages to keep spending less than revenue every year. However, critics accuse the federal government that much-needed investment, for example in infrastructure, will fall by the wayside.

AfD: Government is also to blame for Brexit

The AfD continues. Much further. AFD Group Leader Alice Weidel has painted a veritable catastrophic scenario in the general debate of the Bundestag on the budget 2020. "The crisis is not coming, it's already here," said the AFD woman.

The social system was overloaded, Germany threatened a massive poverty of old people – and the security situation was devastating anyway. According to Weidel, all parties that are not the AfD are guilty.


AFDPolitician Alice Weidel

  • Born 1979 in Gütersloh
  • In 2013, Weidel joins the AfD
  • Since 2017: Group leader of the AfD, together with Alexander Gauland


Then it makes the government an astonishing Vorhaltung: According to the AfD faction leader is namely responsible for the Brexit. "They have driven the British from the EU and do nothing for a reasonable Brexit solution."

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Laughter after AfD statement

This triggered laughter in the Bundestag, even Alice Weidel had to smirk. There was a bit of applause from the AfD ranks. What exactly the AfD woman meant by her charge was not clear.

Weidel continued: "The expected recession is the result of a" basically green-socialist ideology that ruins our country and deprives it of its future viability ".

AfD: "Water taxi service" for migrants from Africa

Weidel in particular criticized the plans for an exit from nuclear energy and coal-fired power generation.

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Of course, the AfD politician was fast at the core issue of her party: refugee policy. She accused the government of wanting to "set up a state water taxi service" for migrants from Africa to Europe. (pen, dpa)

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